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Poosie Nansie's must be one of the most photographed buildings in Mauchline. All the postcards you see, with very few exceptions, are taken from more or less the same spot.

Photo Willie Lyle
Photo John Wilson of Kilwinnet

As can be seen, the postcard on the left is the same as the image taken from John's glass lantern slide on the right. As with other images, things are not what they seem. Notice the flags / bunting on the right of the right hand image, which has been touched up on the postcard. There are a few other examples on this site where the original image had been altered, like a modern day photoshop. Look below on this page for other examples!


Photo John Wilson of Kilwinnet
Photo - Library & Info sce, EAC

A close up sample taken from John's glass lantern slide. The image on the right was postmarked 1907, and shows Mauchline Cooperative building on the right. Before this page was altered, it seems the text has stated the Cooperative was on the LEFT, and that has been on line for years. The Parish Church wall is on the left!!

NB: Anyone that notices any obvious typos, please do inform us, and they will be corrected!!


Photo - Library & Info sce, EAC
Photo - ah.com archives

Left: One of the most common of the OLD commercial postcards, with the yellow false colour. The earliest card seen to date is from 1904, roughly dating the removal of the bottom couple of feet of thatch to install the gutter system. It was reported in John Taylor Gibb's 1911 book, (page 26) that the thatch was removed "only recently".

This image was used in a plain black and white card, as well as a sky blue tinted card. Unfortunately, we only have a bad quality image of the sky blue version. The black and white card is taken from the archives of ayrshirehistory.com and postmarked 1906. On the right, the spelling of Howf, is Houf, even though it is written on the side of the wall in front of them, on the card!! But none of us are beyond typing and spelling errors.


Photos - ah.com archives
Photos - Betty McCartney

Left: View dated previous to 1905 (postmark on coloured version right). This was likely to be an older image on this postcard. On the card above dated 1904, the thatch was taken back a few feet to install a gutter. Notice that the above two cards are the same, though the false colouring is somewhat different on the image below, suggesting a different print run.

There is also the small fact that someone has, eh, vanished!!! Yes - three and possibly four people have completely disappeared!! So we really have four versions of the same card, with various degrees of butchery.

In the right hand image, there are a couple of people outside the large building beyond Poosie Nansie's. In the black and white edition there is someone standing on the road that is not on the colour version, and in the two editions below, there are two people nearer the cross. On the colour edition below right, there may well be two men chatting by the church wall on the far left.

All reference numbers on the card are the same!! (PC Ref JV 23570 from Valentine's of Dundee)

Photo - Burns House Museum
Photo - Library and Information sce, EAC

Photos - Library and Information service, East Ayrshire Council

Photo - Library & Info sce, EAC
Photo - ayrshirehistory.com

The image on the right has come up on ebay a couple of times, so we now have an original in our own collections. One of the cards on ebay was dated 1907. A similar card from the same series can be seen under Failford.

Photo Betty McCartney
Photo Hughy Hodge
B3499 and B3567 are two cards using the same photograph, the latter as seen above, including some text and poetry.


Photo John Wilson of Kilwinnet
Photo Betty McCartney

John's view of Poosie's on the left, has a garage sign sticking out of the front of the building. It is unsure where the so called garage would have been. Was it a filling station / petrol pump? There was a pump in the Coogate, at Anderson's in later years. There was also one farther down Loudoun Street, on the side of Number 1 Loudoun Street, at Baird's. The same card came up on ebay and is now in our own archives. There was a similar card, same image but with a different caprion came up on ebay in 2012, which was postally dated 1925. We failed to win this one.

Both images above show the thatch cut back to make way for a gutter.

Photo - Library and Information sce, EAC
Photo ayrshirehistory.com

The above view from the archives of ayrshirehistory.com, shows Mauchline Cooperative and Poosie Nansie's. The BANK OF SCOTLAND sign is seen on the far right. On closer inspection, this photo, taken from a postcard with four views of Mauchline, has been hand tinted. The colours are very false looking. Some of the card has been left uncoloured.


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