Doug Heath - The Drummond Legacy - July 1 2000


Written by William Drummond before 1919 in Canada

According to a promise, I am now going to write down a short history of the DRUMMOND FAMILY on both sides of the House so far as my memory serves and from what I consider authentic information, and if I sometimes climb pretty far out on the branches of the Family Tree, and follow the roots further than you probably think necessary, it will be with the idea of making you more fully acquainted with the more ancient members of the family, and I will probably have to struggle off the side occasionally to explain some connection which might seem irrelevant to you without such explanation.

There is a tradition if I remember reading somewhere that “DRUMMOND” is not (or was not) the original name of the family, but “DRYMEN”, and that gradually down through the generations it had been changed till eventually it was turned into “DRUMMOND”.

The tradition if I remember rightly, goes on to say that the First Ancestor of which we have any knowledge came to Scotland as one of the courtiers in the train of a Hungarian Princess on a visit to the Court of Scotland in the reign of King David about the year 1130.

This courtier it is said managed to find  favour with the King on account of a valuable service he had rendered, that he bestowed on him the lands of an estate called “Drymen”. How the family name was gradually changed, and how the family eventually got the Estates and “Earldom of Perth” the tradition does not say, but no doubt it was done by a strong right arm and a keen blade as might was right in those days.

So you see that according to the tradition we are descended from the Huns, but I think, and trust, that the 800 years that have elapsed since  have so toned down and diluted the hot blood  with a milder fluid that the original fighting element has been worked out of it and that we may claim to be fairly pure Scotch by this time. That then, is the tradition as I remember reading it in some history of Scottish Families.

To come down to later times I remember when I was a very small boy that an Old Gentleman named John Drummond, a cousin of my Father's used to visit at Bogwood (where I was born) once a year. He claimed to be the eldest son of the oldest branch of the family at that time. He was a great favourite with us boys and used to sit and tell us all about our ancestors and that we were descended from the “Earl of Perth” who fought for Prince Charlie in 1745, and who after the disastrous battle of Culloden managed to escape to France and died enroot at sea in 1747. All the Lands and Estates in Perth were confiscated and title given to the Strathallan branch of the family who had remained loyal to the crown. It was from one of these families that all the Drummonds in the South West of Scotland are descended.


This ancestor (one of six brothers) was brought down from Perth by the Duke of Hamilton as Factor or Manager of the Duke's Estates in the West of Scotland, and after a long term of service and as he had given such good satisfaction that the Duke deeded him his choice of any farm on the Estate.

Old John Drummond always claimed that he had chosen the coldest, poorest, barren farm in the country and always seemed to hold a grudge against him for it.     How the family multiplied and spread from this source I cannot trace or if he ever told us I have forgotten but you must remember that I was only a very small boy then as it must be over 50 year ago (William was born in 1857).

This “old “ John Drummond had a heavy pigskin pocket purse or wallet which he prized very highly and which he claimed had belonged to the “Earl of Perth” and as I was always a favourite with him he gave it to me and I have it yet in my possession. He said it was picked up on the field of Flodden (1513) by one of the Earl's servants when the Earl was thrown from his horse, and afterwards given to the head of the family, and it has been handed down from father to son, until it came into the hands of Old John.   For the truth of all this of course I cannot vouch, but Old John used to tell it over and over again.        

The narrative you are reading was written by my great-great grandfather William Drummond  ( 1856-1917) and has been edited to fit the pages, so sit back, get comfortable and visit with your ancestors and  relive the past.

I have added connections to try and help understand the tangled web the Drummond’s wove. Additional information is available on each family member, if you would like to contribute or correct the information please contact: Douglas Heath

Box 3171 Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

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ROBERT DRUMMOND  would have been born between 1725 -1730 in we believe Perthshire. His father would have been called John and we assume his mother was Christina or Cristian and Robert was one of six brothers. We find  Robert married on March 8 1750/51 in Low Paisley, Renfrewshire to  Agnes Renfrew who we believe was  born February 2, 1724 daughter of John Renfrew  Margaret Park Love of Abbey  Paisley, Renfrew.They had  six children born  Renfrewshire   1. John Renfrew Drummond , the oldest born January 9, 1751/52 married Jean Craig and is the focus of this narrative; 2. Robert Renfrew  Drummond born December 26, 1753 married a McFarlane; 3. Cristen  born March 1, 1759 is unknown; 4. Agnes born April 19, 1761 is unknown; 5. James  Renfrew Drummond born October 7, 1762  married a Jean Steel Weir of Highless in Dundonald and Dreghorn and had one daughter Elizabeth  born in  May 30, 1787 in Irvine who married  a James Brown of Tarbolton and farmed Oldrome and two sons:  Robert born about 1782  is unknowan and James born 1785 who married in Sorn to Euphimia Kinloch ; 6. William b. 1764 is unknown.



ROBERT Renfrew DRUMMOND was born December 26, 1753 in Low Paisley, Renfrew. He married AGNES MCFARLANE January 30, 1773 in Low Paisley, Renfrew. Children of ROBERT DRUMMOND and AGNES MCFARLANE are:  1. AGNES MCFARLANE DRUMMOND was born December 18, 1775 in Low Paisley.  She married PETER JAMESON about 1793 in Abbey Paisley.  Their daughter was: i. MISS DRUMMOND JAMESON, b. July 30, 1794;   2. ROBERT MCFARLANE DRUMMOND, b. December 28, 1777, Low Paisley;  3. MARGARET MCFARLANE DRUMMOND, b. April 30, 1780, Low Paisley m. PETER EUING, March 20, 1802, Low Church, Paisley; 4. JAMES MCFARLAN DRUMMOND, b. February 24, 1784, Low.  He married JANET LOCK July 9, 1803 in Abbey Paisley. Children of JAMES DRUMMOND and JANET LOCK are: i. JAMES LOCK DRUMMOND, b. August 7, 1803, Abbey Paisley.  He married MARGARET JOHNSTON NICOL July 28, 1815 in Low Paisley, daughter of ARCHIBALD NICOL and MARGARET CRAWFORD.  She was born May 13, 1804 in Renfrew, Erskine. Children of JAMES DRUMMOND and MARGARET NICOL are: i. MARGARET NICOL DRUMMOND, b. October 26, 1818, Abby Paisley; ii. JAMES NICOL DRUMMOND, b. January 20, 1822, Abby Paisley; ii. JANET LOCK DRUMMOND, b. January 29, 1806, Glasgow;  iii. JOHN LOCK DRUMMOND, b. June 17, 1804, Abbey Paisley;  iv. ANDREW LOCK DRUMMOND, b. July 15, 1808; v. MATHEW LOCK DRUMMOND, b. February 23, 1811;  vi.JEAN LOCK DRUMMOND, b. December 4, 1818, Glasgow;  vii. GRACE LOCK DRUMMOND, b. May 10, 1822, Glasgow; 5. DAVID MCFARLANE DRUMMOND, b. July 27, 1786, Low Paisley.

# 5. JAMES Renfrew DRUMMOND &  


James Renfrew DRUMMOND was born October 7, 1762 in Low Paisley, Renfrew.  He married JEAN STEEL WEIR  December 27, 1782 in Dundonald (Pearston) and Dreghorn, daughter of WILLIAM WEIR and ELIZABETH STEEL.  She was born March 26, 1763 in Highless, Dundonald; Three children of JAMES and JEAN  are: 1. Robert b. 1782 unknowan; 2. James b. 1785; 3. Elizabeth b. 1785;   

2. JAMES WEIR DRUMMOND was born about 1785.  Their were two marriages found: (1) EUPHEMIA ALEXANDER KINLOCH II about 1799 in Sorn, daughter of DAVID KINLOCK and JANET ALEXANDER.  She was born May 30, 1779 in Auchinleck.  Second marriage for James was to (2) EUPHEMIA GRAHAM December 14, 1806 in Sorn; Children of JAMES DRUMMOND  are: i. DAVID DRUMMOND, b. January 28, 1800, Sorn;  ii. JANET KINLOCH DRUMMOND, b. September 7, 1802, Sorn;  in 1881 living at  Saint Germain Street (Housekeeper).  She married JAMES GRAHAM  July 27, 1832 in Sorn. Children of JANET DRUMMOND and JAMES GRAHAM are: i. EUPHIAM DRUMMOND GRAHAM  b. November 25, 1832, Sorn; m. JOHN RUSSELL ANDREW  December 7, 1855, Sorn; b. August 11, 1822, Sorn; ii. DAVID DRUMMOND GRAHAM, b. 1836; d. 1881 living at  Saint Germain St.,  Sorn (Tailor); m. JANET MORTON GIBSON III, February 16, 1869, Sorn; b. March 6, 1842, Sorn; iii. ANTONAS DRUMMOND GRAHAM, b. March 3, 1839; iv. AGNESS DRUMMOND GRAHAM, b. June 6, 1841;  iii. DAVID KINLOCH DRUMMOND , b. September 8, 1805, Sorn.  He married MARY SMITH July 11, 1828 in Sorn. Children of DAVID DRUMMOND and MARY SMITH are:  i . MARGARET NINIAN BENNATYNE DRUMMOND, b. September 16, 1830, Old Cumnock; ii. WILLIAM SMITH DRUMMOND, b. September 6, 1833, Old Cumnock; iii. DAVID BRYDON DRUMMOND, b. August 30, 1835, Barony, Lanark; iv. WILLIAM STEEL DRUMMOND, b. May 10, 1807, Sorn;  v. NICOL DRUMMOND, b. May 27, 1810; vi. NICOL KINLOCH DRUMMOND, b. April 3, 1814;

3. ELIZABETH WEIR DRUMMOND was born May 30, 1787 in Irvine.  She married JAMES (of Tarbolton) BROWN  August 31, 1804 in Dundonald, (Oldrome).  He was born about 1784 in Tarbolton or Dundonald: The eight children of ELIZABETH DRUMMOND and JAMES BROWN are: i. ANDREW DRUMMOND BROWN , b. January 27, 1805, Dundonald; ii. JEAN DRUMMOND BROWN, b. September 21, 1806,  She married JOHN MCDOUGAL May 7, 1827 in Dundonald: Children of JEAN BROWN and JOHN MCDOUGAL are: i. AGNESS BROWN MCDOUGAL, b. June 1827; ii. CHRISTINA BROWN MCDOUGAL, b. April 12, 1830; iii. MISS  MCDOUGAL, b. August 1834; iv. MARY BROWN MCDOUGAL, b. September 25, 1834; v.MR. MCDOUGAL, b. April 23, 1837; vi. MISS  MCDOUGAL, b. August 1843; iii. JAMES Drummond BROWN, b. May 24, 1809; iv. JOHN DRUMMOND BROWN IV, b. May 20, 1811, Dundonald (Newfieldside) m. AGNES GALT, November 2, 1827, Dundonald;  v. JAMES DRUMMOND BROWN IV, b. December 12, 1813, Newfieldside.  He married AGNESS BAIRD April 21, 1829 in Dundonald.  She was born about 1813, and died before 1881. Children of JAMES BROWN and AGNESS BAIRD born in Dundonald are: i. JOHN BAIRD BROWN, b. 1830; ii. JANET BAIRD BROWN, b. 1832;  iii. JANE BAIRD BROWN, b. 1833; iv. HELEN BAIRD BROWN, b. 1835; v. AGNESS BAIRD BROWN, b. 1838; vi. JANET BAIRD BROWN, b. August 19, 1840; vii. ELIZABETH BAIRD BROWN, b. May 2, 1842; viii.JAMES BAIRD BROWN, b. March 19, 1844; ix. ALEXANDER BAIRD BROWN, b. June 19, 1847;  x. ARCHIBALD BAIRD BROWN, b. July 30, 1850; vi. THOMAS DRUMMOND BROWN, b. December 12, 1813 d. 1881;  vii.. E LIZABETH DRUMMOND BROWN IV was born January 6, 1817 in Dundonald.  She married ROBERT GORDON October 24, 1839 in Dundonald.. Children of ELIZABETH BROWN and ROBERT GORDON born in Dundonald are: i. ROBERT BROWN GORDON, b. 1840; ii. ARCHIBALD BROWN GORDON, b. 1842; iii. JANE BROWN GORDON, b. 1844; iv.MARY BROWN GORDON, b. 1846; v. AGNES BROWN GORDON, b. 1849;  vii.  MARGARET DRUMMOND BROWN IV was born June 4, 1820 in Dundonald.  She married JAMES ORR about 1841 in Dundonald; Children of MARGARET BROWN and JAMES ORR are: i .ELIZABETH BROWN ORR, b. November 1, 1840; ii. JOHN BROWN ORR II, b. June 30, 1842, Dundonald 1881 census living at Ashton Place, Govan; m. CATHERINE, Glasgow; b. 1844, Kilmartin, Argyle; iii. MARGARET BROWN ORR, b. June 5, 1844.

          WEIR and STEEL Family of

Highless, Dundonald

WILLIAM WEIR was born October 1, 1727 at Highless, Dundonald.  He married ELIZABETH STEEL August 2, 1754 in Dundonald and Ardrossan.  She was born about 1727 in Ardrossan. Children of WILLIAM WEIR and ELIZABETH STEEL are: 1. ARCHIBALD Steel WEIR, b. October 12, 1755, Highless,  He married MARY FAIRLIE  January 13, 1783 in Pearston , Dundonald. Children of ARCHBALD WEIR and MARY FAIRLIE are:: i. WILLIAM, b. April 15, 1785;  ii. ARCHIBALD  b. August 7, 1785; iii. MARGARET, b. February 22, 1789; iv. ELIZABETH , b. March 20, 1791; v. MARY  b. March 5, 1793; vi. JAMES , b. June 17, 1795; vii. AGNES b. February 24, 1799; viii. JOHN, b. December 13, 1801; 2. JOHN Steel WEIR , b. August 2, 1757, Dundonald; 3. JANET Steel WEIR, b. March 1, 1759, Dundonald/ Ardrossan;  4.ELSPIT Steel WEIR V, b. June 14, 1760; m. JOHN PORTER, December 19, 1788, Dundonald; 5. ELIZABETH Steel WEIR, b. March 27, 1761; 6.  JEAN Steel WEIR b. March 26, 1763, Highless, Dundonald.  She married JAMES RENFREW  DRUMMOND II; 7.  WILLIAM STEEL WEIR  b. June 6, 1765, Dundonald, m. ANN CRIGHTON, July 31, 1784, Dreghorn; 8. MARGARET Steel WEIR V, b. April 4, 1767; m. JAMES TAIT, April 21, 1781, Dundonald.


1760’s to 1881

JOHN Renfrew DRUMMOND born January 9, 1751 was the oldest son and  married  about 1767 to Jean Craig born in Eaglesham (Neilston) Renfrew, (no marriage registration can be located).  John and Jean Drummond  are the ancestor to the Drummond’s of Craigie, Mauchline and Sorn. They had  a family of six in Southfield, (an estate in ) Mearns:  1. John b. 1763; 2. Agnes b. 1774 died young; 3. Agnes b. 1775, married John Dunlop of Sorn;  4. Robert b. 1778 married Jean Brown  of  Horsemuir farm in Stewarton and they farmed Camsiscan, 5. Jean born  1780 married William McFarquhar  of Riccarton;  6. William b. 1782  married Mary Sloss and farmed  at Fairwells and their son Robert farmed Pocknave.  The first  son John born  about 1763 is not registered but with the help of Hugh Drummond  and the following information it confirms William’s story  about “Old” John Drummond.

  In the SORN CHURCYARD #63. Erected for:  John Drummond died Kirkoswald 18.6.1882 age 72,  IMO daughter Margt 20.3.1870 age 18, daughter Agnes 21.3.1870 age 20, Father, John Drummond died Shalloch on Tlg, 4.8.1859 at age  92, mother Jan Douglass 25.9.1825 36, Grandfather John Drummond died 11.7.1822 (no age or place listed), grandmother Jane Craig 25.7.1826 age 84  (John who died in 1882 is the father of “Old” John and is the direct link to Hugh Drummond of  England who assisted on the Drummond connections:

“Old” John Drummond & Mary Baird

of Blainfield

William Drummond continues with—Now just to clear up some of the sidelines before I leave this part of the history, let us go back first to Old John Drummond mentioned at the beginning. He and his wife as I said used to come to Bogwood at least once a year.                             

They had a farm named Blainfield in Carrick about 15 miles from Bogwood. They used to drive and always stayed two or three days when they came. Old Mrs. Drummond (whose maiden name was Baird) was rather a character in fact they both were. She was very fond of poking her nose in all sorts of corners about the farm, and as she had a pretty sharp tongue and not at all backward in using it, we all stood rather in awe of her and kept out of her way as much as possible. It  must have been the same around home for I remember one of the daughters (Mary) telling usthat there never  was any peace around home, only when her father and mother had gone to visit at Bogwood. This Mary I speak of ( she would be my second cousin) used to come and stay for a long time at Bogwood, sometimes for quite a while, and I think she was very glad to get away at times for a rest. There were two boys in the family, John who married one of the Camsican girls  and Charlie . John  was farming in Cumberland and married Janet Drummond . Her parents were John Drummond (b. 1818) and Jean Duncan . John (b.1818) was the older brother to Robert Drummond who married (Lambie), and Charles was on a farm in Carrick. Mary married  a Paton.

    There were Drummonds of Camsican, Drummonds of Bogwood, Drummonds of Picknave (cousins to Fathers) Drummonds of Fairwells (cousins of father) and Lindsay of Townsend, married to a Drummond, Wallace of Auchhenbrain married a Drummond, and so on and if you were to look up the list of the cheese shows about the years I have mentioned you would find all these names occurring quite frequently in the prize list. Now I think that clears up the family.   Signed : William Drummond


 John Drummond and Janet Douglas

JOHN  Craig  DRUMMOND (died Shalloch on Tlg, 4.8.1859 at age  920, and JANET DOUGLAS (Jan Douglass 25.9.1825 36) were married  April 5 1807 in Sorn and Symington and originally farmed at Sorn Mains. They had a family of seven: 1. JEAN/JANE DRUMMOND, b.1808, m. ROBERT GRAY;  2. JOHNOldDRUMMOND, b. June 24, 1810, Sorn,  d. June 18, 1882, Blainfield, Kirkoswald..  He married December 30, 1836 to MARY WILSON BAIRD b. APRIL 6, 1817  in Sorn , daughter of CHARLES Miller BAIRD and ELIZABETH WILSON.  The eight children of JOHN  and MARY  are: i. JANET , b.  1837 married James Muir; ii. ELIZABETH b. 1838 d. 1881, unmarried; iii. JOHN b.1841 d.  1912, Barmmington Park,  married Janet Duncan Drummond of Camsican; iv. JANE, b.1843, d. 1901 married Robert McLatchie; v. MARY , b. 1845,  married William Gilmour Paton; vi. AGNES b. 1849  d.  1870 unmarried;  vii. MARGARET  B.1851 d. 1870  unmarried; viii. CHARLIE b.  1854 married McClamont; ix ANNE Stewart, b. 1858 married John S. Baxter; 3. JANET DRUMMOND, b. July 12, 1812,  d. 1902, Belston Farm, Sorn  and married   March 17, 1837 DANIEL McBeath (Hislop) HYSLOP; 4. AGNES DRUMMOND, b. February 19, 1815 m. ALEXANDER ( REWCASTLE) REWCASSEL, November 29, 1842, Sorn  and Colmonell (Brother to John who married Margaret);  5.  ELIZABETH DRUMMOND b. August 11, 1817 d. September 25, 1895, South Auchenweet, Tarbolton married GEORGE Willock HUNTER  January 5, 1845 in Colmonell; 6. MARGARET DRUMMOND b. September 5, 1819,  married JOHN  REUCASSELL November 17, 1844 in Colmonell /  Dailly;HUGH  NISBET  was born 1824 in Kilmarnock, in 1881 living at Ladebrae Farm, Craigie.  He married ELIZABETH COWAN (LAMRIE) LAMBIE about 1844 in Craigie daughter of JOHN LAMBIE and ELIZABETH COWAN.  She was born May 6, 1816 in Craigie by Lillylaw. Children of HUGH NISBET and ELIZABETH LAMBIE are: 1.ROBERT LAMBIE NISBET, b. June 3, 1845, Glenhall, Mauchline, Ayr. 2.ELIZABETH LAMBIE NISBET was born December 30, 1845 in Craigie, (Hill).  She married THOMAS MURRAY GIBSON August 5, 1870 in Craigie Parish, son of THOMAS GIBSON and ELIZABETH MURRAY.  He was born 1846 in Glencairn, Dumfries. Children of ELIZABETH NISBET and THOMAS GIBSON are: i. ELIZABETH NISBET GIBSON, b. April 3, 1872; ii. ANDREW NISBET GIBSON, b. August 22, 1873; iii. HUGH NISBET GIBSON, b. 1876, Mauchline; iv. WILHELMINA NISBET GIBSON, b. 1878, Craigie; v. AGNES NISBET GIBSON, b. 1881, Craigie; iii. HUGH LAMBIE NISBET, b. August 23, 1847, Craigie; d. Went to South Africa; iv. JOHN LAMBIE NISBET II, b. March 18, 1849, Craigie; d. 1881 census: Large Barqour Farm.  He married MARY KENNEDY COCHRANE July 6, 1873 in Craigie, Mauchline, daughter of WILLIAM ILLIAM COCHRANE and MARY KENNEDY.  She was born July 21, 1851 in Riccarton. Children  born in Mauchline of JOHN NISBET and MARY COCHRANE are: i. WILLIAM COCHRANE3 NISBET, b. April 7, 1874; ii. HUGH COCHRANE NISBET, b. 1876;  iii. MARY COCHRANE NISBET, b. 1878;  iv. JOHN COCHRANE NISBET, b. 1880;  v. THOMAS LAMBIE NISBET, b. February 13, 1851 went to America; vi.

AGNESS LAMBIE NISBET, b. July 9, 1852; vii. ROBERT LAMBIE NISBET, b. June 3, 1855; viii. WILLIAM LAMBIE NISBET  b. October 25, 1857 in 1881 living at  Crainhill Farm (Unmarried);  ix. JANE JEANIE LAMBIE NISBET  b. November 2, 1860, Craysic, Craigie, Hill, 1881 census living at home unmarried  and married after 1881 to HUGH MORTON.; 3. WILLIAM, b. 1831 d. 1895, (Trayboyack Farm) and  married JANET Andrews DOUGLASS November 23, 1851 in Colmonell.  


    William Drummond and Mary Sloss

“The first notice we have of the Campbell's of Netherplace is in 1620, when Mungo Campbell, of Cowfauldshaw, had Sasine of the lands of Cowfauldshaw, Netherplace, and others. His family had been of Brownside for a couple of centuries previous. Other families were the Gibbs of Auchmilling; the Mitchells of Braehead; the Wallaces of Brighouse; the Spottiswodes of Fowler ; the Campbell's of Killoch; the Campbell's of Montgarswood; and the Campbell's of Kingencleugh-now belonging to Ballochmyle”. “The Drummond’s rented their farms of CamsiscanPocknave and Bogwood from the Campbell’s”    

WILLIAM Craig DRUMMOND the youngest son  of Robert and Jean was born December 8, 1782 in Mearns, South Muirhouse, Eaglesham, and died July 7, 1853 at Fairwells.  He married April 12, 1817 in Craigie to MARY  SLOSS.  She was born January 28, 1797 in Dalmellington,  and died December 2, 1856 at Fairwells. Their eleven children were: 1.  JANE  DRUMMOND August 17, 1817 - November 12, 1864 at Barboigh  She  married HUGH Speirs WATSON November 19,  1841 in Mauchline,  son of JOHN WATSON and  MARGARET SPIERS.  He was born February 19, 1816 at Hillhead Farm,  and died February 2,  1882 at Barboigh They had 12 children. After Jane died William  married Janet Wilson  Baird ; 2. ROBERT DRUMMOND was born December 28, 1818 at Pocknave  and died November 16, 1886 at Pocknave.  He married ELIZABETH DICK LINDSAY  June 2, 1853 in Craigie, daughter of JAMES LINDSAY and ELIZABETH DICKIE of   Townend Farm.  She was born September 19, 1828 and died January 27, 1876. They had nine children; 3.  MARY DRUMMOND was born August 21, 1821.  She married JOHN STRAWHORN December 31, 1851 in Tarbolton.  He was born  about 1821 in Tarbolton, and died before 1881 at Hurlford, Riccarton. They  had one daughter Mary; 4.  AGNESS  DRUMMOND was born March 2, 1823  and died May 20, 1856 at Hamilton  Street, Kilmarnock.  She married ALEXANDER GARVEN June 6, 1855.  They had one daughter Agnes; 5. MARGARET DRUMMOND b. November 1825 married  January 31, 1851 to  an ANDREW WILSON in Mauchline. No children found;  6.  ELIZABETH  DRUMMOND b. November 22, 1827 and died April 21,899 near  Dunlop, Castle Douglas.  She married JOHN DICK LINDSAY  April 30, 1856  son of JAMES LINDSAY and ELIZABETH DICKIE.  He was born Septembe 17, 1819 in Craigie, and died in 1881 at Dunjob Farmhouse, Tongland, Kirkcudbright.  Their  family consisted of eight children; James Lindsay had a brother Thomas who  married Janet Brown Drummond and this Janet  raised Thomas Lindsay  Cunningham; 7. WILLIAM DRUMMOND was born March 9, 1830  and died 1871 at Netherplace Estate Farm of 72 acres.  He married JEAN TEMPLETON NEILL March 3, 1854 in Craigie and Tarbolton.  She was born February 15, 1830 in Tarbolton, and died October 31, 1903. They had eight children;  8. JANET DRUMMOND  b. July 11, 1831, unknowan; 9. JOHN  DRUMMOND born  February 26, 1834; d. July 31, 1905, Garrochmuir, Hurlford, unmarried; 10. HUGH DRUMMOND was born1836 and died November 28, 1912 at Craighead Farm, Mauchline. He married JANE JEAN KIRKPATRICK NEILL December 4, 1862 in Tarbolton, daughter of JOHN NEILL and ANNIE KIRKPATRICK.  She was born June 18, 1842 and died December 22, 1900. They had seven children; 11. GRACE DRUMMOND was born August 11, 1841 married WILLIAM HAGGERTY August 11, 1875 in Craigie.  He was born 1836 in Dalry.



 Robert Drummond and Jean Brown

          by William Drummond

Will of Robert Drummond  of Camsiscan  Dated February 10, 1842: The following is a brief summary from the nine page Will and Inventory list,  by our ancestor Robert Drummond who died at Camsiscan Farm June 10, 1845,  age  67. Cash in Union Bank of Kilmarnock, 540 pounds, cash due from John Lambie 25 pounds. Value of stock, crop, farming and dairy utensils plus household furniture on farm was valued at 390,4&6. Total of the estate was valued at pounds 1156 pounds 6 shillings and five pence sterling. Witnessed by James Brown (brother to Jean) , farmer at Horsemuir in parish of Stewarton . John  and Robert Drummond in Camsiscan stated that Robert Drummond Senior died at Camsiscan in 1845 and are managers of Robert’s personal estate.  The will states:  I Robert Drummond farmer in Camsiscan in the parish of Craigie considering it to be a duty for the welfare of my family to settle my affairs in case of my death, have therefore given, in favor of John and Robert Drummond my sons and James Brown or the survivor of them; all the sundry goods, debits and sums of money, household furniture and in general the whole moveable means of my estate and effects of whatever kind and what is owing to me at the time of my death.   Excepting only the Tach (rent) on farm in Camsiscan with the crop and stock of that farm and to make payments on my debits.

( 1.) I direct that the whole money in my bank to pay the tack (rent) on the farm and pay to Jean Brown, my spouse in case she survives me and remains unmarried, the interest on the sum during her days of her widowhood at two terms in the year until the expiry of the said tach.

( 2.)  If Jean my wife remarries she will not be entitled to the money as if naturally dead.

( 3.) Allow Jean Brown the use of furniture and effects in the house except parts thereof after conveyed to Robert but she shall have no power to dispose of any part of the estate.

( 4.) Pay to my children 50 pounds Sterling to Jean spouse of John Lambie Junior who reside at Ladeside and with the goods got by her at the time of her marriage will make the said sum equal to the sums left to her sisters. Agnes and Janet to receive 80 pounds each and 100 pounds to Margaret. On their marriage the said daughters are to be advanced the sum of 30 pounds and the sum to be deducted from the legacy hereby left. The daughters shall pay bank interest for the sum advance to their mother, should she demand it.

  I grant to John and Robert and their heirs all and whole of the Tach  of the farm of Camsican entered into between William Campbell, Esquire of Netherplace and myself on 13 November 1835 for the term of 16 years starting 1834  and are bound to pay the rent. They are to receive all the stock, crop, farming and dairy utensils that may be on the said farm at the time of my death.

As son John is already married and lives in a house furnished by me and in order to make my sons equal in this respect I givegrant assign to my son Robert and his heirs the following household furniture in the house of Camsican; a desk of drawers, a mahogany table, six  of the best chairs and the eight day clock. and declaring that the said Jean Brown my spouse shall be allowed to occupy any one room she may fix upon in the house during all the years of the said Tack to run after my death. If she remains unmarried she is to receive the sum of 10 pounds twice yearly along with; one load of the best oatmeal, four stones of the best sweetmilk cheese and whatever milk she requires for her own use and to pay at the Pit and Cart Home to Camsican free of toll or any other charges as many coals as she may require for her in the said room. During the term of the Tack, John and Robert shall provide their two sisters Margaret and Janet, should they remain on the farm unmarried, in bed and board clothing and education in a manner suitable to their station .


JAMES BROWN I was born about 1730 in Stewarton. He married JANET ANDERSON GILMOUR II January 4, 1749/50 in Stewarton, and  Dunlop, daughter of JAMES GILMOUR and AGNES ANDERSON.  She was born February 25, 1727/28 in Dunlop. The nine children of JAMES BROWN and JANET GILMOUR are: 1. ALLAN GILMOUR BROWN II was born November 29, 1750.  He married JEAN THOMPSON about 1777.  Child i. JEAN THOMPSON BROWN, b. January 22, 1778, Kilmarnock:  

2. JAMES GILMOUR BROWN II was born November 1, 1753.  He married MARION WYLLIE November 6, 1743 in Stewarton. Fifteen children of JAMES BROWN and MARION WYLLIE are: i. ALEXANDER, November 18, 1744;  ii. MARGARET, November 30, 1747;  iii. MARY, June 1, 1749;  iv. BARBARA, September 23, 1753; v. MARY, September 23, 1753;  vi. JOHN, June 27, 1756; vii. ANN, August 31, 1766; viii. JAMES, January 3, 1768; ix. THOMAS, January 3, 1768; x. WILLIAM, March 1, 1770; xi. MARY, February 20, 1772; xiv. ALEXANDER WYLLIE BROWN, January 7, 1778;  xv. THOMAS WYLLIE BROWN, February 4, 1781. xii;   JOHN WYLLIE BROWN II was born June 14, 1774 in Stewarton.  He married JANET FULTON BROWN III about 1796 in Stewarton, daughter of JOHN BROWN and JANET FULTON.  She was born May 2, 1776 in Stewarton. Four children of JOHN BROWN and JANET BROWN are: i. JANET FULTON BROWN III, May 2, 1776.  She married JOHN WYLLIE BROWN II about 1796 in Stewarton, son of JAMES BROWN and MARION WYLLIE.  He was born June 14, 1774 in Stewarton; Children listed under John Wyllie Brown II; ii. ELIZABETH BROWN BROWN II, June 28, 1799 . 1881 census: Widow 85 High Street Stewarton; m. JAMES THOMPSON, June 12, 1829; iii. MARGARET BROWN BROWN II, August 17, 1802 Unmarried in 1881  living with sister Elizabeth;  iv. JOHN BROWN II, April 6, 1805, Stewarton;  1881 census: 85 High Street Stewarton, Widower; m. MARIUM DUNCAN; xiii. MATHEW WYLLIE BROWN II was born May 12, 1776 in Stewarton, and died January 4, 1848 in Stewarton (mason).  He married MARY KING December 30, 1811 in Stewarton.  She died April 13, 1854 in Stewarton. The nine children of MATHEW BROWN and MARY KING are: i. MARGARET KING BROWN, October 11, 181; ii. JAMES KING BROWN II, September 6, 1814, Stewarton  1881 : Standalone Outhouse, General Labour; m. ?, Abt. 1835, Stewarton;  iii. MARION KING BROWN, July 2, 1816; iv.MARY KING BROWN, September 20, 1818; d. July 12, 1845, Stewarton; m. JAMES ORR, May 31, 1845, Stewarton; d. April 6, 1859, Stewarton: # 191 Farmer Cankerton; v.MARION KING BROWN, February 18, 1821 vi. MATHEW KING BROWN III, February 18, 1821, Stewarton; in 1881 : 14 Alma St., Govan, Lanark (Joiner); m. ELIZABETH WILSON; b. 1820, Stewarton; vii. JEAN KING BROWN, July 6, 1823;  viii. ANNE KING BROWN, August 20, 1825; ix. MATHEW KING BROWN, July 24, 1831.

3.  JOHN GILMOUR BROWN II was born March 20, 1755 in Stewarton.  He married JANET FULTON September 23, 1774 in Stewarton.  The four children of JOHN BROWN and JANET FULTON are: i.  JAMES FULTON BROWN III was born October 15, 1775 in Stewarton.  Two marriages found (1) AGNES STEWART CRAIG II about 1795 daughter of JOHN CRAIG and ISOBEL STEWART. She was born August 22, 1775.   (2) JEAN JANE LINDSAY) CUNNINHAM February 7, 1795 in Stewarton: and  Irvine.  She was born 1775 in Irvine (No confirmation on this marriage). Children of JAMES BROWN and  JEAN CUNNINHAM are: xi.JOHN CUNNINGHAM BROWN IV, December 13, 1795, Stewarton; m.  BARBARA THOMPSON, 1815, Stewarton;  xii. MARGARET CUNNINGHAM BROWN, Decemer 8, 1795, Stewarton; xiii. MARGARET CUNNINGHAM BROWN,October 10, 1797,; xiv. MARY CUNNINGHAM BROWN, October 15, 1797, Stewarton Children of JAMES BROWN and AGNES CRAIG are: JANET CRAIG BROWN IV, December 17, 1796, Stewarton; m. JOHN STEVENSON, January 28, 1814, Stewarton; JOHN CRAIG BROWN, b. June 1, 1802, Stewarton; Three possible marriages; m. (1) ELIZABETH SCHATER, 1826, Stewarton; m. (2) ISOBEL BOXTER, May 17, 1826, Stewarton; m. (3) MARGARET RITCHIE, about  1827, Stewarton;  iii. ALEXANDER CRAIG BROWN IV, b. December 26, 1803; m. JEAN MONTGOMRIE,  September 27, 1824 iv. ALLAN CRAIG BROWN, b. June 28, 1805, Stewarton;  v. MARGARET CRAIG BROWN, February 26, 1807;  vi. JAMES CRAIG BROWN IV,. August 23, 1808; vii. MARGARET CRAIG BROWN IV, b. April 29, 1811; m. DAVID RAYBURN, November 18; viii. ISOBEL CRAIG BROWN, April 25, 1813, Stewarton;  ix. THOMAS CRAIG BROWN IV, February 18, 1815 m. MARGARET HANNAH, July 1,1836,Stewarton; x. WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM CRAIG BROWN, September 14, 1817, Stewarton; iii. JENNETT FULTON BROWN, b. May 2, 1777; iv. ROBERT FULTON BROWN, b. May 28, 1780, Stewarton; d. No Marriage found in Stewarton.  v AGNESS GILMOUR BROWN, July 3, 1759; vi AGNESS GILMOUR BROWN II, b. June 8, 1760  m. JAMES ANDREW, April 26, 1782, 5.  ANDREW GILMOUR BROWN II was born June 12, 1763 in Clerkhill, Stewarton.  He married MARGARET GEMMILL October 25, 1784 in Stewarton.  She was born about 1763 in Stewarton. The ten children of ANDREW BROWN and MARGARET GEMMILL are: i. ANDREW GEMMIL BROWN, b. November 8, 1785, Stewarton; ii. MARGARET GERMMIL BROWN IV, b. December 28, 1786, Stewarton,  Horesmuir; d. No children found; m. MATHEW THORUP, January 18, 1806, Stewarton;  iii. JANET GEMMELL BROWN, b. December 23, 1788, Stewarton; d. 1833, Clerkhill (Stewarton); 12. iv.JANET GERMMILL BROWN IV, b. January 22, 1789, Stewarton,  Horesmuir; v. ANDREW GERMILL BROWN, b. July 15, 1790, Stewarton,  Horesmuir;  vi. MARY GERMMILL BROWN IV, b. July 15, 1790, Stewarton, She married ALEXANDER BANKS December 29, 1809 in Stewarton. The seven children of MARY BROWN and ALEXANDER BANKS are: i. MARTHA BROWN BANKS, b. December 30, 1810, Steawrton; ii. JOHN BROWN BANKS, b. May 30, 1813 ;   iii. JANET BROWN BANKS, January 15, 1816, iv.MARGARET BROWN BANKS, August 28, 1818, v. ROBERT BROWN BANKS, b. April 3, 1824, ; vi. MURRAY BROWN BANKS, b. November 21, 1830, vii. HELEN BROWN BANKS, b. 1841, Stewarton;  vii. JEAN GEMMILL BROWN V, b. May 29, 1791, Stewarton , Horsemuir Farm married Robert Drummond; viii.JOHN GEMMIL BROWN IV, b. February 13, 1794, Stewarton,  Horesmuir; . Marriages found? :  Found two marriages for a John in Stewarton: (1) MARGARET GRAY June 16, 1815 in Stewarton.   (2) ANNE CRAWFORD September 24, 1816 in Stewarton. Children JOHN BROWN and MARGARET GRAY are: i. WILLIAM GRAY BROWN V, b. April 3, 1816, Stewarton;  1881 census Torrenyard, Kilwinning m. ANN RANKIN; b. 1820, Dreghorn. ii.GRIZEL GRAY BROWN, b. June 20, 1819, Stewarton;  iii. MARY GRAY BROWN V, b. August 27, 1820, Stewarton; Possible marriage to; m. THOMAS YUNG MCCHRISTIE TAYLOR II, February 3, 1843, Stewarton; b. March 21, 1819, Kilmarnock: Children of JOHN BROWN and ANNE CRAWFORD are: iv.MARION CRAWFORD6 BROWN, b. July 6, 1817, Stewarton; v.MARGARET CRAWFORD

6.  MARY GILMOUR4 BROWN II was born March 6, 1768.  She married MATHEW STEWART January 17, 1789 in Stewarton.  Children of MARY BROWN and MATHEW STEWART are: i. ELIZABETH BROWN STEWART, b. March 21, 1791, Stewarton; ii. MATHEW BROWN STEWART, b. May 13, 1796, Stewarton.

7.  THOMAS GILMOUR BROWN II was born August 12, 1770 in Stewarton.  He married JEAN (BIBB) GIBB September 7, 1793 in Stewarton. Children of THOMAS BROWN and JEAN GIBB are: (A) i. THOMAS GIBB BROWN, b. May 11, 1794, Stewarton; d. May 5, 1858, Stewarton: Blacksmith; ii. MARGARET GIBB BROWN, b. January 24, 1796, Stewarton; iii.MARY BROWN, 1798, Stewarton; iv. WILLIAM GIBB BROWN, b. March 6, 1800, Stewarton; v. JEAN GIBB BROWN, b. April 9, 1802, Stewarton; vi.JOHN GIBB BROWN, b. April 9, 1804, Stewarton; vii. CHARLES GIBB BROWN, July 18, 1806 ; ROBERT GIBB BROWN, b. October 31, 1808;ix. ANDREW GIBB BROWN, November 18, 1812. (A):  THOMAS GIBB BROWN was born May 11, 1794 in Stewarton, and died May 5, 1858 in Stewarton Blacksmith.  He married JANET WALLACE BROWN June 15, 1821 in Stewarton, daughter of WILLIAM (STEWARTON*) BROWN and AGNES WALLACE.  She was born October 23, 1800 in Stewarton. Children of THOMAS BROWN and JANET BROWN are: i. DAVID WALLACE BROWN BROWN, b. December 28, 1823; ii. ROBERT (DR.) WALLACE BROWN BROWN, b. October 3, 1825, Stewarton; d. February 28, 1852, Stewarton; iii.JANET WALLACE BROWN BROWN, b. August 26, 1827; iv. WILLIAM WALLACE BROWN BROWN, b. August 12, 1829; d. March 7, 1870, Stewarton : #196; m. MARY ANN NAIRN, June 5, 1847, StewartoN; 1823; v.THOMAS WALLACE Brown BROWN, July 18, 1831; vi JEAN WALLACE Brown BROWN, b. April 14, 1833; vii.MARY WALLACE Brown BROWN, b. June 17, 1835;viii. MARGARET WALLACE Brown BROWN, September 22, 1839; ix. THOMAS WALLACE Brown BROWN, August 10, 1841.

12.  JANET GERMMILL BROWN IV was born January 22, 1789 in Stewarton,  Horesmuir.  She married ROBERT HALBERT I May 17, 1809 in Stewarton.  They had ten children.

“ The Brown Family will take years of work to connect the various branches, and this is the start. Hope it helps someone I have a lot of people to thank for helping connect what we have so far - All help will be appreciated, I could be wrong in some connection”. Doug



Robert Craig DRUMMOND was born  b. June 7 1777, Mearns, Renfrew , d. June 10 1845 at Camsican Farm, Craigie. He married March 20, 1812 in Craigie to   Jean Brown  who was born at Horsemuir Farm, Stewarton. Robert and Jean had a family of seven at Craigie : 1. JEAN born 1813 ;  2. JOHN born 1818 ; 3. MARGARET born. 1820 ;  4. AGNES born 1822 ; 5. ROBERT born 1825 ; 6. MARGARET born 1829 ; 7.  JANET born 1832 :

The youngest son  Robert  was the father to William Lambie Drummond who wrote the Family History you are reading: “ My Grandmother’s name was Brown, but I can’t remember either her or my Grandfather as they were both dead long before I can remember, but I know father had several cousins named Brown who used to visit at Bogwood”. (Janet who married Thomas Lindsay left a  Legacy which provided and confirmed many missing links in the Drummond family and can be read at the conclusion of this narrative.


Jean Drummond the oldest child (born June 27, 1813 and died about 1899) married John Cowan Lambie , my mothers only brother and was the father of the John Lambie who visited  in Manitoba, Canada. There were four boys in their family, John, Robert, James, and William. They all went to New Zealand many years ago.

JEAN Drummond - died 1899 in Tai Tapu, Canterbury, New Zealand.  She was married in Craigie on January 17, 1840 to JOHN Cowan LAMBIE , born March 24, 1811 at Lillylaw farm and died 1904 in  New Zealand and was the son of John Lambie and Elizabeth Cowan.  This family immigrated to New Zealand about 1860 .  Their four  children born  in Craigie were: 1.  JOHN Drummond  LAMBIE born May 4, 1840  and died in New Zealand.  He married  MARY CRAWFORD October 4, 1864 in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand.  Their eight children were; E.B. who married a WILSON; E.E. married a WALLCE; JANE  and K.A. married a BRUCE;  WILLIAM unknowan,  MARY  LAMBIE, b. November 12, 1865; JOHN DRUMMOND  LAMBIE, b. 1866;  JAMES  b. January 19, 1869; 2.  JEAN Drummond LAMBIE, b. January 12, 1842, Craigbyre, d. July 4, 1850.; 3. ROBERT Drummond LAMBIE born January 27, 1844 in Craigbyre,  died September 3, 1929 in  New Zealand.  He married May 3, 1865 in Little Hill, Craigie to ANNE DYKES TAYLOR  daughter of WILLIAM TAYLOR and MARGARET WALLACE.  She was born 1844 at Little Hill. Their eight children born in New Zealand were:  JOHN  b. August 16, 1866;  HELEN b. July 27, 1868;  JAMES  b. April 9,  1870;  ROBERT  b. September 16, 1872;  WILLIAM  b. September 13, 1874;  ANNIE  b. July 27, 1877;   ELIZABETH  b. June 11, 1846, Craigie; d. June 24, 1850;  JAMES  b. August 5, 1848, Craigbyre, d. May 17, 1850;  4.  JAMES Drummond LAMBIE was born October 28, 1851 in Craigie  and died September 16, 1934 in New Zealand.  He married ELIZABETH MCLACHLAN July 14, 1875 in Doyleston, Canterbury, New Zealand.  Their children were:  MARGARET JANE  b. May 15, 1877;  WILLIAM b. May 15, 1877;  ROBERT  b.  December 28, 1878;  ANN  b. May 30, 1880;  ELIZABETH  b. February 21, 1882;   WILLIAM  b. December 25, 1853,  Craigbyre, d. April 21, 1931, New Zealand married. (1) SARAH COOK; m. (2) ELIZABETH EMILY SMITH, March 17,  1884, Ashburton, Canterbury, New Zealand;  (While searching this family I located a JOHN  LAMBIE, b. 1856, unknowan , he was living near the family and could be connected somewhere.  He married JANE  LUNT October 2, 1876 in Leestone, Canterbury, New Zealand.  

2.  JOHN Brown DRUMMOND & JEAN DUNCAN of Camsiscan                              

John my fathers only brother (born  1818) married a Duncan, they farmed in Camsican, until he died after  (1880). They had three sons: Robert and  David were both married and farmed in the district, John the youngest son married the girl (Aunt Lindsay) adopted,  and they got Camsican. There were at least four daughters in Uncle John's family, there may have been more, but that is all I remember .  One was married to John Semple, (Speirs) dairy man in Glasgow, Jean to Alex Patton of Stonecausie, Janet to John Drummond ( a son of Old John)  and  Margaret married John Wallace (a brother to Robert Wallace of Auchenblane who married my oldest sister Elizabeth)

JOHN BROWN DRUMMOND  was born March 8, 1818 and died August 23, 1891 at Camsiscan on  Estate of Netherplace.  He married JEAN BONE DUNCAN June 12, 1840, daughter of DAVID DUNCAN and MARGARET BONE.  She was born February 17, 1820 in Craigie Parish, and died July 12, 1893 at Camsiscan. Their twelve children were: 1.  JEAN was born October 20, 1840 and died August 19, 1921.  She married ALEXANDER DUNLOP  PATON  December 11, 1863  son of ROBERT PATON and ELIZABETH DUNLOP.  He was born  October 12, 1832 in Kilmaurs and died in  1892 at Stone Calsey Farm, Symington; 2.  MARGARET was born October 20, 1840 and died November 6, 1916 at Hollybush.  She marriedROBERT DRUMMOND (HISLOP) HYSLOP  March 22, 1861 , son of DANIEL HYSLOP and JANET DRUMMOND. He was born December 31, 1837 in Sorn, and died May 6, 1895 in Holehouse Farm; 3. AGNES  was born July 5, 1842 at Camsiscan, and died October 21, 1930.  She married SAMUAL WALTER  THOMPSON  April 18, 1862 , son of WALTER THOMPSON and JEAN CRICHTON.  He was born February 2, 1840 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, and died April 15, 1892 in  Glasgow. This Agnes is the ancestor to Vivian McCormick of England who has contributed pictures and family history;  4.  ROBERT was born September 12, 1844, and died 1919 at Hillhouse Farmstead, Symington.  He married (1) AGNES AULD September 13, 1866 and  (2) MARGARERT (HISLOP) HYSLOP about 1886; 5.  JANET was born July 9, 1847, and died 1919.  She married JOHN BAIRD DRUMMOND  December 27, 1867 at Camsiscan, son of JOHN DRUMMOND and MARY BAIRD.  He was born February 14, 1841 in  Sorn , Ayr, and died October 6, 1912 in Barmmington Park, Bury St Edmonds; 6.  DAVID was born October 23, 1849.  He married AGNESS LAMONT SMITH after 1881, daughter of JOHN SMITH and MARY LAMONT;  7. JOHN was born March 12, 1851 died September 6, 1890.  He married ELIZABETH LINDSAY after 1881.  She was born about  1851, and was the adopted daughter of  ?.; 8.  ANNE was born May 2, 1853 and died 1912 in Skelton, Cumberland.  She married JOHN HODGE WALLACE November 9, 1875  son of JAMES WALLACE and JANE/JEAN HODGE.  He was born February 22, 1845 in Mauchline; 9.  MARY was born August 19, 1855 died in Adamton Monkton.  She married THOMAS MURRAY after 1881. He was a coachman at Crainhill Stables; 10.  SOPHIA was born December 17, 1859  and died July 9, 1920.  She married WILLIAM SPEIRS  April 3, 1881; 11. Harriot born December 17, 1860


Born Camiscan July 5, 184

by: Vivieene McCormack

 AGNES DUNCAN DRUMMOND was born July 5, 1842 at Camsiscan,  and died October 21, 1930 in 231 Garscadden Road, Glasgow.  She married  SAMUAL WALTER THOMPSON II April 18, 1862 in Craigie, , son of WALTER THOMPSON and JEAN CRICHTON.  He was born February 2, 1840 in Crawfordjohn died April 15, 1892  Glasgow. Children of AGNES DRUMMOND and SAMUAL THOMPSON are: 1. WALTER DRUMMOND THOMPSON, b. June 9, 1862, Dundonald;  2. JANE DRUMMOND THOMPSON, b. March 21, 1864, Applegarth, Dumfries; 3. John December 31,, 1866 ; 4. AGNES DRUMMOND THOMPSON, b. September 26, 1875, Craigie; m. HARTLEY; SAMUEL DRUMMOND THOMPSON, b. May 10, 1879; 5. ISABELLA DRUMMOND THOMPSON, b. August 10, 1886.

#3. JOHN DRUMMOND THOMPSON was born December 31, 1866 in Johnstone by Lockerbie, and died March 2, 1941 in 133 Cartvale Rd., Glasgow.  He married SARAH MATSON June 1, 1888 in Glasgow, daughter of JOHN MATSON and MARIA HARDY.  She was born October 2, 1865 in 71 King St, Glasgow, and died January 15, 1939 in Glasgow. Children of JOHN THOMPSON and SARAH MATSON are: 1.  MARIE JANE MATSON THOMPSON was born April 23, 1889, and died 1980.  She married WILLIAM H. HEMPHILL.  He was born 1889, and died 1953.Child of MARIE THOMPSON and WILLIAM HEMPHILL is: CISSE HEMPHILL, m. DOUGLAS MELL; 2.  AGNES DRUMMOND THOMPSON was born January 10, 1891.  She  married JAMES BISLAND.  He was born 1891. Children of AGNES THOMPSON & JAMES BISLAND are: i. JOHN BISLAND; ii. CRIGHTON BISLAND; iii. WALTER BISLAND; iv. MYRA BISLAND, m. GEORGE LOWELL; 3.  SAMUEL MATSON THOMPSON was born January 22, 1893, and died 1949.  He married JEAN ROSS. Children of SAMUEL THOMPSON and JEAN ROSS are: i. JEAN R. THOMPSON, b. 1924; d. 1941; ii. JOHN THOMPSON, b. 1932; 4.  SARAH MATSON THOMPSON was born April 7, 1895, and died 1961.  She married (1) EDWARD E. LEACH.  He was born 1931.  She married (2) FRANK E. SMALL;

5.  MARY MATSON THOMPSON was born January 18, 1898, and died 1931.  She married JAMES HART;6.  JANE DRUMMOND THOMPSON was born August 21, 1901 in 136 Saltmarket, Glasgow, and died November 4, 1985 in Newton, Mearns.  She married JOHN FORRESTER MURDOCK V February 16, 1926 in Burlington House, Glasgow, son of SAMUEL MURDOCH and ROBINA FORRESTER.  He was born April 30, 1897 in 323 Thistle St, Glasgow, and died January 6, 1957 in Bridgeton, Glasgow; Children of JANE THOMPSON and JOHN MURDOCK are: i. SHEILA MATSON MURDOCK, b. September 12, 1927; d. 1993; m. IAN KENNEDY FRASER; b. 1923; ii. MARGARET FORRESTER THOMPSON, b. July 3, 1931; m. IAN CHARLES CONNELL; b. 1927;  iii. SAMUEL HAMILTON MURDOCH, b. June 24, 1933, Glasgow; m. JANET ADAMS, September 28, 1962, Battlefield Church, Glasgow; b. June 17, 1938, Glasgow. (The Thompson Family story is at the end of this narative.)


Maggie married John Cunningham  and had at least two or three in their family. Maggie died about the time the youngest one Tom was born, and I don't remember her at all. This Tom is the boy my Aunt Janet ( Mrs. Thomas Lindsay ) of Townend adopted or looked after, and farmed in Townend after Uncle Thomas died and is now farming in Prestwick I remember John Cunningham had a small place near Cumnock. He did not do much farming but did a lot of dealing in sheep and lambs and young cattle etc., and later moved to a grazing farm near Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire, and I think he married again and was still there when I left. There were at least two other boys in John Cunningham's family, but as I only saw them once or twice I can't remember much about them. They were called Robert and John but that is about all I know of them.

MARGARET BROWN DRUMMOND was born February 13, 1829 and died 1865 in Craigie.  She married December 19, 1851 to JOHN WILSON CUNNINGHAME, son of WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM and ELIZABETH WILSON.  He was born 1827 in Cumnock, and died February 26, 1910 in Lockerbie-Dumfries. Their five children were: 1. WILLIAM, b. 1851; d. January 1, 1862, Tarbolton; 2. JOHN (Doctor) , b. September 4, 1855,  d. 1881: Lodger in Govan; 3. JANE  b. August 12, 1857, d. November 11, 1857; 4. ADAM, b. March 6, 1859, Kirkconnel  in  1881 a lodger in  Old Cumnock then   went to Australia.;  5. THOMAS (Lindsay) CUNNINGHAM was born May 8, 1861 in Kirkconnel and died October 4, 1931 in New Dykes Farm, Prestwick.  He married MARGARET (MAGGIE) MITCHELL TAYLOR , daughter of JOHN TAYLOR and ANN MITCHELL.  She was born August 1, 1859 in Hill Farm, Craigie, and died in Aitkenbrae Farm, Monkton, Their two children were: Marjory and John

4.  AGNESS Brown DRUMMOND & ALEX. DUNLOP of Straid Farm

Aunt Agnes  was married to Alex Dunlop, a farmer  in Carrick, but  of their family I did not know very much, but I know there were at least two boys , and some girls, but don't know how many. One of the boys Andrew Dunlop was married and had a dairy farm, and was a famed cheese maker, and indeed were all my Father's people. The prize list of the Kilmarnock Cheese show going away back in the early 18 seventies up to very recent years were always filled with representatives of the Drummond Family, and their connections.

AGNES Brown Drummond was born May 22, 1822 in Craigie and died June 3, 1909 at Pinwherry, Tarbolton.  She married ALEXANDER DUNLOP  June 11, 1849 in Tarbolton.  He was born July 8, 1821 in Carrick, Tarbolton, and died December 17, 1901 at Hollowchapel. (1881 Census living at Straid Dairy farm in Colmonell). Their six children were: 1.   ANDREW was born January 1, 1850  and died in Renfrew.  He married MARION about. 1875.  She was born 1845 in Colmonell. They had two children: ALEXANDER b. 1877, Kirkmichael and ROBERT  b. 1880, Wigtown; 2. ROBERT  b. June 17, 1853; 3. AGNES was born June 3, 1855 .  She married DUNCAN MCMILLAN HUNTER 1879, son of HUGH HUNTER and MARY MC MILLAN.  He was born November 25, 1838 in Rothesay, Bute, Scotland, died Coilshome. Their child was Agnes born 1880., Tarbolton; 4. .JANET b. January 9, 1858;  5. JOHN  b. 1861;  6. .MARGARET b. April 11, 1862 in Coylton

5.  JANET  Brown DRUMMOND & THOMAS LINDSAY of Townend Farm

My Father's youngest sister Janet (November 5, 1832 died  January 24, 1920) was married to Thomas Lindsay of Townend Farm in Craigie Parish. They had no children of their own, but adopted a boy (Tom) and a girl that were the children of her sister Maggie and her husband John Cunningham.( The Lindsay Trust )


JAMES LINDSAY was born about 1786 at Townend Farm, Craigie.  He married ELIZABETH ORR DICKIE January 10, 1807 in Craigie Parish, daughter of GEORGE DICKIE and ELIZABETH ORR.  She was born January 1793. They had twelve children: 1. JAMES  b. May 30, 1812 unmarried in  1881( Nether Place Estate Laigh Borland, Craigie);  2. MARGARET  b. February 10, 1815;  3. ROBERT  was born May 4, 1817 1881 living at   Ardrie, Kirkcudbright.  He married MARGARET CLARK WILSON May 21, 1841  daughter of THOMAS WILSON and MARY CLARK.  She was born April 30, 1815 in Loan, (Sorn) They had six children;  4.   JOHN was born September 7, 1819  married ELIZABETH SLOSS DRUMMOND April 30, 1856;  5.  THOMAS was born May 10, 1821 and died May 26, 1892.  He married JANET BROWN DRUMMOND  January 17, 1851  daughter of ROBERT DRUMMOND and JEAN BROWN.  She was born November 5, 1832  and died January 24, 1920 in Carlton, Prestwick. Their adopted children were:  THOMAS  b. May 8, 1861, Kirkconnel, Dumfries; d. 1920, and  EDITH FRASER-LINDSAY, b. 1864, Nairn;  6.  JEAN was born April 12, 1823   She married JOHN HAMILTON July 12, 1842 in Carluke, Lanark. The had three children: ELIZABETH  b. 1842; m. WILLIAM HOWITT BAXTER, June 16, 1871, Stevenson  JOHN  b. March 23, 1843; JAMES  b. 1845;  7.  ALEXANDER  born April 20, 1826 .  He married JEAN JANE MORRISON April 1, 1859 in Craigie.  She was born 1833 in Craigie, In 1881 census living at Wheatpark (Farm of 50 acres) St Quivox. They had five children;  8.  ELIZABETH was born September 19, 1828  and died January 27, 1876.  She married ROBERT SLOSS DRUMMOND June 2, 1853  son of WILLIAM DRUMMOND and MARY SLOSS;  9.  JANET was born February 27, 1831,  She married HUGH UGH GRAY SMITH December 10, 1852 son of JOHN SMITH and AGNES GRAY.  He was born November 3, 1828 in Tarbolton. They had five children;  10  AGNES was born September 21, 1834 and  married JOHN STEWART GRAY  April 29, 1859 in Craigie Parish, son of JAMES GRAY and JANE STEWART.  He was born May 10, 1834. They had six children;  11.  MARRION was born April 28, 1839.  She married JOHN CONNELL October 19, 1866  son of JOHN CONNELL and JEANNE ARMOUR.  He was born 1847 in Dreghorn. They had eight children.


My Father Robert Drummond  was born September 19, 1825 at Camsican, a farm in Craigie Parish. My Mother's  name was Margaret  Lambie born February 14, 1814 and you dear Margaret (Margaret was a daughter to William and became a Missionary in India) , was named for her. My mother was born at Hill Farm in Craigie Parish — I think the year was 1812. My mother was always a very cheerful hard working body, very kind hearted and I am afraid we boys used to take a good deal of advantage of her good nature. My father was more stern and we were always more afraid of him. He was very strict with us, I think a good deal more so than was good for us, and I know we would hide things from him through fear, that we would not have done if he had not been so severe with us. Mother was always the mediator, and many times she had shielded us when it would have been good for us if she had not interfered, and let us get what we deserved — a good licking.

LAMBIE  of Hill & NISBIT  of Laidbrae

Grandfather and Grandmother Lambie both lived till they were very old people, I think about 97 or 98 years. I was very small and just remember being taken to Hill Farm where they were there and that is about all. My mother had one brother John and one sister Betsy, both older then her. John was married to my Fathers sister Jean and is the John Lambie who went to New Zealand. My mothers sister Aunt Betsy married Hugh Nisbet and they lived on a small place called Laidbrae. They lived their ever since I can remember. Hugh had a job on the Rail Road  looking after the water tanks and system. Auntie and family kept a few cows and a few sheep and lots of hens and they had a comfortable living. There were several boys and three girls I think in their family. John the eldest  had a farm in the neighborhood. Hugh went to South Africa and Tom Nisbet came to America and they lost track of him. One of the girls died when I was small.   Lizzie the oldest girl kept house for my brother Robert at Millbank till he got married, and then she married a Tom Gibson and they came back to Ayrshire and he was working on Cairnhill Estate when I left home. Jeanie the other girl married Hubert Morton, Auntie died before Mother did and I have heard nothing of the family.

ELIZABETH COWAN  LAMBIE was born May 6, 1816 at Lillylaw.  She married HUGH  NISBET  about 1844. He was born 1824 in Kilmarnock, and died in 1881 at Ladebrae Farm. Children were: 1. ROBERT born June 3 1845; 2.ELIZABETH was born December 30, 1845.  She married THOMAS MURRAY GIBSON  August 5, 1870 son of THOMAS GIBSON and ELIZABETH MURRAY.  He was born 1846 in Glencairn, Dumfries, and  died at Craigbyre Farm; 3. HUGH  b. August 23, 1847, Craigie, went to South Africa. 4. JOHN b. March 18, 1849, Craigie,  1881 census: Large Barqour Farm.  He married MARY KENNEDY COCHRANE July 6, 1873 in Craigie, Mauchline,   She  was born July 21, 1851 in Riccarton; 5.THOMAS  b. February 13, 1851, Craigie;  went to America; 6. AGNESS  b. July 9, 1852, Craigie, Hill ; 7. ROBERT  b. June 3, 1855, Mauchline; 8. WILLIAM  b. October 25, 1857 in 1881: Crainhill Farm (Unmarried); 9. JANE  b. November 2, 1860, 1881 census: Living at home; m. HUGH MORTON, after 1881.

COWAN  Family of Ladykirk

My  Mothers Mother’s maiden name was Cowan, but so far as I know we had no very near relatives on that side, although I know my Mother had a cousin named John Cowan who was a gardener at a place called Ladykirk near Prestwick, and I remember my brother Jim and I used to visit there on our holidays and we used to have rare times, as there was one boy John, and several girls of about our own age.

They had a large orchard and garden, and kept a few cows and lots of poultry and sold the produce in Ayr and always seemed to make a very good living. I remember they also kept a donkey that used to run in the orchard and we had great fun riding him. He would sometimes balk and other run away, and I remember one adventure I had with him which came near ending the short career of your Dad.

We had been going for him pretty lively riding him about and he started off on the run, me hanging on to his mane as best I could.  Off he went through the orchard trying to rub me off on the trees. He made for a corner of the Orchard where there was a lot of brush and nettles and weeds growing, and there was an old well filled up with rubbish and trimmings from the fruit trees. Of course I did not know of the old well till all at once he stumbled suddenly and set out his front feet and I went over his head and landed amongst the rubbish in the old well. Luckily it was filled to about seven or eight feet from the top and I was very little hurt, but considerably scratched up. That was my last ride on that donkey; but to get back to my Mother's people, as I said there were very few relatives that I know ion that side.  There was one however, which I think ought to be mentioned as his name is mentioned in connection with Robert Burns, the poet when he was made a Free mason in “Tarbolton”  The follows is just as I copied it when I was made a mason myself in ”ST.Davids”. “4th Sederant, Oct. 1st, 1781  “Robert Burns was passed and raised.  Henry Cowan acting Master,  Humphrys,  Smith,  Woodrow, Mason   “

Now I have often heard my Mother speaking of Henry Cowan who seems to have been a pretty old man when Mother was a very small girl, and I think it is identical with the Henry Cowan who gave Burns his degrees. Now I won't weary you with any more of my reminiscences, but go on with my story.  

Descendants of William Andrews COWAN

WILLIAM  Cowan  was born May 6, 1749 in Overtown , Tarbolton, and died May 30, 1835 in Righead, Tarbolton.  He married about. 1770 to ELIZABETH INGRAM in Wineford ,Tarbolton.  Their three children were: 1. Robert COWAN was born June 2, 1774 in Tarbolton.  He married MARY SILLARS January 29, 1808; 2. Elizabeth COWAN  was born October 13, 1776 in Wyneford, Tarbolton, and died December 25, 1864 in South Island, New Zealand.  She married JOHN SHIRLEY LAMBIE July 21, 1810 in Craigie,  son of JOHN (Lammie) LAMBIE and MARGARET SHIRLEY.  He was born August 2, 1779 in Faill, Wineford, Tarbolton, and died August 17, 1843 at Hill Farm, Craigie. Two of the children were: i. John LAMBIE , b. March 24, 1811, Craigie, (Lillylaw); d. 1904, Tai Tapu, Canterbury, New Zealand. He married JEAN “ANN” BROWN DRUMMOND January 17, 1840 in Craigie, daughter of ROBERT DRUMMOND and JEAN BROWN; ii. MARGARET  LAMBIE , b. February 14, 1814, Hill Farm, Craigie  d. March 19, 1907, Auchenbrain, Mauchline; iii. ELIZABETH  LAMBIE , b. May 6, 1816, Lillylaw.  She married ROBERT BROWN DRUMMOND June 18, 1844 ,  son of ROBERT DRUMMOND and JEAN BROWN; 3. MARY COWAN was born June 15, 1784 in Tarbolton , Wyneford, and died June 11, 1857.  She married JOHN  BROWN  December 18, 1824 in Craigie,  He was born about 1784 in Windford, Tarbolton


When Father and Mother were married  (June 18, 1844) they rented a small farm some where between Stair and Ayr, but for the life of me I can't remember the name, I have heard it many  times. Several of the family were born there. I think Robert, John, Elizabeth, and  the  others Jeanie, Jessie, Jim and myself were born at Bogwood. I don’t know how many years they were on this farm but they must have come to Bogwood about the year  1844.

Bogwood was a farm of about 160 acres, just about a mile from Mauchline and the main road to Ayr eleven miles away ran through the farm. That is where I was born and when you go to Scotland I want you to go there and have a good look at it and if you have ever seen a lovelier place with its fresh green fields, its dark green woods, and bosky dells and chattering burn, in all your travels, I want to know where it is. Their seven children were :        

1. Robert b. 1844 ; 2. John b. 1846; 3. Elizabeth b. 1848; 4. Jane Jennie  b. 1850 d. 1859; 5. Jessie Scot b.  1852; 6. James (Dr. Jim) b.  1855; 7  William b. 18571. ROBERT  DRUMMOND of Millbank & MAGGIE GRAY of Barmoerhill

Now we will start at ROBERT (born October 30, 1844) my eldest brother and take the family in rotation. He married (1869) Maggie Gray of Barmoerhill, a farm near Tarbolton. They went to a farm named Millbank, near Lockerbie in Dumfriesshire, and farmed there for some years, and I used to enjoy going up there when I was a schoolboy and   helping him  with   the harvest as he and I always got on well together. When he left there he took a farm called “Elland Hall” near Elland in Yorkshire, where he farmed for several years and when Father died he came back to Bogwood and farmed there until he died. They had no children of there own but they adopted a little girl of Jessie Gray's ( a sister Maggie) and I think she married and she and her husband are still on the Old Farm at Bogwood, and where if your Old Daddy had been wise, he would have been. (By Brock  Drummond Saunders of Canada “James Hodge was away at another farm he owns. He has torn down the Bogwood house and replaced it with   a    very    modern  and comfortable home with grain  Silos out back, the first I have seen since Canada. I would say that he and Alec were excellent examples of British farmers. James Hodge is descended from Isabel who was adopted by my great Uncle Robert Drummond and his wife Maggie Gray. She was married too David Hodge who was her cousin and also related to the Drummonds through my Grandmother -  I think it worked out that James is a second cousin to me one way and a third cousin  another. When we were in Ayr we went to visiting cousin Nancy Wyllie Woodburn, she was ninety some odd and was in a nursing home but was very bright. She remembered me and her trip out to Canada.

The GRAY Family of Tongue, Tarbolton

DAVID ANDREW GRAY was born May 24, 1818 in Tongue,  Tarbolton and died before 1881.  He married ELIZABETH GRAY HODGE II August 9, 1839 in Tarbolton daughter of JOHN HODGE and JEAN GRAY.  She was born January 6, 1812 in Mauchline in 1881 living at  Park Mill Farm,  Tarbolton. Children of DAVID GRAY and ELIZABETH HODGE are: 1. JOHN HODGE GRAY , b. December 22, 1839, Tarbolton,  Park Mill Farm of 190 acres  m. MARGARET (HERVIE - HARVY) HARVEY, December 11, 1874, Tarbolton; b. 1848, Tarbolton;  2. DAVID HODGE GRAY III, b. June 2, 1843, Tarbolton, Ayr; d. Barmoorhill Farm, .  He married MARY (?) GRAY about 1874.  She was born 1854 in New Cumnock. Children of DAVID GRAY and MARY GRAY are: i. MAGGIE GRAY, b. 1879; ii. ELIZABETH GRAY, b. 1880. 4. MARGARET HODGE GRAY III, b. July 24, 1845, Barmoehill Farm, Tarbolton; d. December 3, 1923, Burnbank.   She married ROBERT LAMBIE DRUMMOND V November 9, 1869 in Tarbolton, son of ROBERT DRUMMOND and MARGARET LAMBIE.  He was born October 30, 1844 in Craigie and died April 13, 1899 at Millbank, Mauchline. Adopted  child  of MARGARET GRAY and ROBERT DRUMMOND was:  I. ISOBEL JESSIE GRAY, born about 1874 and  d. November 1925 ( was adopted  from we believe Jessie Gray, sister to Maggie Gray).  She married DAVID YOUNG HODGE IV, son of JAMES HODGE and ELIZABETH RICHMOND.  He was born February 12, 1874 in Mauchline. (This John took over Bogwood Farm). Child of ISOBEL GRAY and DAVID HODGE is: i. ROBERT GRAY DRUMMOND HODGE, b. 1900; Farms Bogwood; 5. ROBERT HODGE GRAY III, b. March 25, 1850, Tarbolton; farmed. Cherry Bank Farm , Kircudbright; 18811.  He married MARY (OF AYR) GRAY.  She was born 1847 in Ayr, Ayr. Child of ROBERT GRAY and MARY GRAY is: i. DAVID GRAY, b. 1880, Dalbeattie, Kirkcudbright; 5. JAMES Hodge GRAY, b. October 3, 1852; 6. JANE ( JESSIE)  GRAY, b. December 13, 1854, Tarbolton; Child could have been:  i. ISOBELL JESSIE GRAY, b. 1874,  who was  adopted by Drummond Family   and who I believe is the unknown girl in the Drummond Family photo.


John (born July 31, 1846) married Bella  Hyslop,    a  farmers daughter in Cumnock Parish about 10 or 12 miles from Bogwood. They took a farm near Rhyl in Flintshire, Wales, named Thydoradry, Goch. They farmed there until my brother John died shortly after I came  back to Canada. There were several in the family, one girl Jannie and several boys ( I think either Margaret or Nan corresponds with Jeanie). I know Jeanie was married some years ago, I know one of the boys was running the farm.

JOHN LAMBIE DRUMMOND  was born July 31, 1846 in Craigie  and died 1894 in RHYL, FLINTSHIRE, WALES.  He married ISABELLA (BELLA) MARTIN HYSLOP March 23, 1875 in Kirkconnel by Sanduham, daughter of JOHN HYSLOP and JANET SHARP.  She was born February 18, 1848 in Kirkconnell, and died in RHYDORADDRY GOCH, Rhuddlan, Flint, Wales. Their children were: I. Janet who married Prichard; 2. Robert born 1876; 3. Jenny Sharp born 1877; 4. John b. 1879; 5. Margaret b. 1880.


My eldest sister Elizabeth (b. April 24,1848) married Robert Wallace of Auchenbrain. They had a large family of both boys and girls and I know several of them are married. The boys were Robert, John, Drummond, David and William. The girls were Jeanie, Maggie, Jessie, Bessie they were born after I came to Canada. Robert Wallace died some years ago and whether Auntie Elizabeth and the boys are carrying on the farm or not I don't know. I have not heard from any of them for a long time.

The Wallace Family of Auchenbrain Farm

ROBERT WALLACE   was born  about 1754 in Kilmarnock, and died January 8, 1837 in Mauchline.  He married JEAN BOYD September 16, 1791 in Kilmarnock.  She was born  about 1754, and died June 18, 1842 in Mauchline. They had seven children in Kilmarnock: 1. ROBERT , born November 1, 1794 and he married MARGARET ( FARILEY) ALEXANDER July 13, 1821;  2.  ELIZABETH born  March 10, 1798 and  married JAMES CAMPBELL LAMBIE  August 30, 1823 in Mauchline; 3. WILLIAM  born  December 9, 1799  m. ELIZABETH REID, August 9, 1822, Craigie ;  4. JEAN born August 12, 1801 and married ROBERT  ARMOUR January 27, 1822 in Mauchline;  5. ROBERT born in 1803 is unknowan ;  6. JAMES born August 21, 1804 and died April 15, 1868, Mauchline.  He married JANE/JEAN GRAY HODGE  December 13, 1842 at Burnside, daughter of JOHN HODGE and JEAN GRAY.  She was born April 24, 1809 in Mauchline, and died  after 1881. Their son    ROBERT JAMES HODGE WALLACE  was born September 5, 1843 in Mauchline, and died March 16, 1911 at South Auchenbrain Farm, Mauchline.  He married ELIZABETH LAMBIE DRUMMOND  June 2, 1870 in Mauchline, daughter of ROBERT DRUMMOND and MARGARET LAMBIE;  7. THOMAS born 1808, Kilmarnock married MARY MILLIKEN in 1829.

4. JEANIE Lambie  DRUMMOND of Bogwood

The next eldest in the family was Jeanie (February 21, 1850 and died July 20, 1859), but I don't remember her at all as she was drowned when about 9 years old in the creek or burn that runs close past the house at Bogwood. The creek was in flood after a heavy rain and in trying to cross on a small foot bridge she was washed off and carried down about a mile where they found her washed up on a sandbank after the flood went down, but as I was only about three years old then, I don't remember her at all.

“.Newspaper reports of the time say that for a period of two hours in the afternoon a great mass of rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning fell in Mauchline turning it into muddy rivers.  The Chalk burn rose as much as 17 feet above its normal level and formed a loch, stretching from the New road to far above. Burn-grange, and from Kiln-Knower to the houses in the Townhead.  On this expanse of water there were seen floating barrels, boxes, pieces of wood and furniture; and conspicuous among the debris, an octagonal summerhouse making the round of the submerged gardens, accompanied by Burnside wooden bridge, which finally sought a resting place near it's more stable neighbor, the one at the Auld-Kiln, as if the 'Twa Mauchline Brig's' wished to have a chat on the strange turn of events which so unexpectedly brought them together.  The summerhouse, finding itself unfitted for either a bridge or a boat, quietly threw itself into the mud at the foot of an adjoining garden.

This write-up includes Jane Drummond  found in the pre 1918 gravestone inscription of Cumnock and Doon Valley. The great storm of 20.7.1859 caused the death of Jane Drummond age 9. ( #234. IRO Jane Drummond drowned at Bogwood 20.7.1859 age 9.)  “

5. JESSIE DRUMMOND & Alex. WYLLIE of Mossgiel

Next came Jeanie (b. October 19,1860) who was married to Alex Wyllie of Mossgiel Farm, about two miles from Bogwood.  When John Wyllie and Jessie were married they went to farm a place called Fishbeck near Lockerbie, and farmed there until they came to Canada. I don't know how many are in their family. Eight or nine I think, but where they all are or what they are doing I don't Know. I know  two or three of them went to South Africa, and I think it must have been one of them that Jessie Wyllie mentioned in her Letter as having been wounded or being killed or must be sons of William Wyllie, or  brothers of John Wyllie and Alex Wyllie of Mossgiel.


WILLIAM RICHMOND WYLLIE  was born 1772, and died November 16, 1841 at  Brigland Farm.  He married JEAN JAMIESON RICHMOND  in Mauchline , daughter of JOHN RICHMOND and JANET JEAMIE.  She was born February 12, 1781 in Sorn, and died March 10, 1866 in Mauchline. Their seven children were: 1. JANET  born March 27, 1800, died. February 1, 1887,  Lauriland Farm.  She married MATTHEW WYLLIE RICHMOND  December 14, 1821 in Mauchline,   He was born February 21, 1797 at Dykefield Farm, Mauchline, and died May 24, 1874 at Lauriland; 2. GRISSEL born February 3, 1804,  d. February 27, 1893 at  East Hillhead Farm, Mauchline.  She married JAMES CRAIG MAIR  June 4, 1825 in Mauchline, son of JAMES MAIR and AGNES CRAIG.  He was born August 30, 1801 at Lochbarr Farm, Craigie, and died October 2, 1888 in East Hillhead Farm; 3. JEAN born 1808 is unknowan; 4. HUGH born. March 11, 1810 died  November 9, 1875.  He married CHRISTINA JAMIESON ALLISON June 8, 1849 in Mauchline, daughter of JAMES ALLISON and JEAN JAMIESON.  She was born July 22, 1827 in Lanark; 5. JAMES born about 1814 died January 6, 1882, East Mossgeil. He married JANET MITCHELL June 14, 1839 in Mauchline— Two of their sons were: JOHN  born August 18, 1850 at Mossgiel (Robbie Burns Farm) and moved to Fishback, Lockerbie then to Canada.  He married JESSIE SCOT COWAN DRUMMOND  June 2, 1875. And ALEX  was born October 7, 1859 at Mossgiel  and died May 6, 1937  He married JANE-JEAN REID HODGE  about 1890 at Bogwood Farm,  daughter of JOHN HODGE and AGNES REID.  She was born December 8, 1860 in Stair and died March 19, 1939. She was raised by the Hunter Family; 6. JOHN born 1820 and died May 12, 1834 unmarried; 7.HELEN born August 12, 1824  married CUTHBERT KERR NAIRN  April 29, 1846  son of CUTHBERT NAIRN and ELIZABETH KERR.  He was born February 3, 1824 in Fenwick, and died at High Langside, Craigie.

6. JAMES (Doctor Jim) DRUMMOND of Essex, England

The next in the family is Doctor Jim, born  August 8, 1855, you will notice that all Drummonds have all been farmers and married farmers daughters. Jim did not like farming, neither did I, but I had to. Jim was sent to Collage and came back a Doctor, and I believe a very good Doctor, at least we all thought so, and he always tried to look so wise and said little that he made us all believe he was clever. After he got his degree he went on two trips to American Ports as Doctor on the Anchor Line Steamers. He then went as  an assistant to an old Doctor in Buckinghamshire, England where he practiced for some years and married  his first wife. She seemed a very nice little women,  I did not know much about her. He then bought a practice in South Shields, and I think must have done pretty well. I know he worked very hard.. His wife died several years ago and he married again and you will remember him and your Aunt Olive coming to visit us at Minnedosa , Manitoba on his wedding trip. He and his first wife had no children, but there are at least two boys by his second wife. I have not heard from him for a long time. The last word I heard they had moved out to South Shields to a place belonging to his wife ‘s mothers further inland on account of the German Air Raids, and at the time he writes he was flat on his back with sciatica and whether he has an assistant, he did not say, but I am going to write him again and see if I can't rouse him up enough to write as he is the only brother I have left now and he and Mrs. Wallace are the only two of the family in the old Country now.

(Two sons  that have been located were Robert b. 1908 and Dr. Hamish b. 1915. See the photos)


Immigrated to Canada

WILLIAM LAMBIE DRUMMOND was born December 9, 1857 at Bogwood and died January 7, 1919 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan of the Spanish Flu and is buried in  Minnedosa, Manitoba.  His first marriage was to ANNIE PARK- REID HODGE August 10, 1880 in Glasgow, daughter of JOHN HODGE and AGNES REID.  She was born May 19, 1856 at Lochhill Farm. She died giving birth to her seventh child on December 7, 1895 at their Westhope Farm near Creeford, Manitoba..  He then married November 15, 1897  a widow MARIANNE (AVERILL) BAKER and they had two sons: Children of WILLIAM DRUMMOND and ANNIE HODGE are:  1. AGNESS REID “NANCY” DRUMMOND  was born August 18, 1881 in Creeford, Manitoba and died June 3, 1970 in Alberta.  She married HENRY SMITH MUNRO VI June 30, 1903 in Minnedosa, son of PHILIP MUNRO and HARRIET TUPPER (Harriet was a cousin to Sir Charles Tupper one of the founding “Fathers of Confederation”  in Canada) .  Henry was born October 6, 1873 in New Annan, Nova Scotia, and died October 13, 1957 in Youngstown, Alberta. They had twelve children: i. WILLIAM Philip,  (1904 - 1984)   m. LILLIAN PEARL GUYNUP,  they had three children; ii. JESSIE MARGARET ( 1905 - 1935) , m. WARREN “MICK” EDMOND MCBRIDE,, they had three children;  iii. ANNE  Christina  (1907 - 1983),  m. JOHN WILLIAM POECKENS, they had two children, (daughter Vera  saved all the old photographs); iv. PATRICK  James (1909 - 1969) m. MARY MADELINE MCBRIDE and they two children;  v. MARY  Isobelle (1911-    ) m. CLAYTON “SHORTY” BERNARD HEATH and they had one  daughter;  vi. BESSIE  Alberta (the first of the family to be born in Alberta) ( 1913—   ) m  ERNEST RAYMOND HEATH (brother to Clayton)  their child  is  Douglas who is the  coordinator of the Drummond Family story you are reading; vii. ARTHUR  Robert  (1915 -    ),  m. (1) CLARIBEL EDITH MOLYNEAUX, and they   have three children,  m. (2) INGER ROMULD-TORVIK  ; viii. JOHN Jack Eliakim, (1918 -   ), m. DOROTHY MAE BARTMAN and they have five children;   ix. ALEXANDER “Alex” Henry, (1920 - 1999)  m. (1) LOIS ANNE CUMMINGS,    (1924  - 1950) and they had one son Bobbie m. (2) IRENE PAULINE CZUARA. x. GEORGE Drummond  (1922 - 1993),  m.  RITTA USHKO and they have four children;  xi. DAVID Glenn (1926 -   ),  m. CONNIE SOPHIA DEVEREAUX and they have one daughter Donna who started the family tree some many years ago; xii. WALTER Howard (1928 -   ) m. ELSIE MAY HANSON and they have two children. 2. ANNE HODGE DRUMMOND  was born October 16, 1887 at Deer Island, Oregon, USA and died April 8, 1973 in Manitoba.  She married CHARLLES FRANKLIN WALKER  May 19, 1915 , son of  THOMAS WALKER and MARGARET SECOR.   They had two children:  i. WILLIAM (1917 - 1986)  m. ELEZABETH “BETH” HENDERSON; ii. .HUGH Drummond (1924,-     ) m. MARGARET SCHEPPERT. They have three  children. 3. MARGARET  LAMBIE DRUMMOND September 22, 1885 died June 13, 1977. Margaret was a Missionary all her life in India and was unmarried; 4. ELIZABETH “BESSIE”  DRUMMOND was born June 8, 1890 at Bogwood Farm,  and died April 1976 in Minnedosa.  She married CECIL ST.JOHN,  son of WILLIAM ST.JOHN and MARGARET LEGGE.   They had four children:. i. WOODROW  Keith (1912—1975) m. ELEANOR ANNE GLOVER ii.  MARGRET m. ADAM SANDILANDS; .iii. ROBERT Don Drummond ST.JOHN, (1926 -     ) m. VALERIA ELAINE JENKINS;  5. JEANIE “JEAN”  DRUMMOND  was born April 14, 1892 in Birtle, Manitoba, and died August 1963 .  She married ROY HEWSON  (1892,- 1953). They had one child: .EVELYN HODGE HEWSON (1919-1976) m. ERNEST JOHN PARRISH and they have two children;  6. BESSIE  DRUMMOND was born March 6, 1894 in Birtle, Manitoba, and died May 6, 1980 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  She married RONALD FRANK SAUNDERS September 25, 1929  son of ROBERT SAUNDERS and ELSIE FRANCIS.  He was born September 30, 1895 in Fletching, Sussex, England, and died March 15, 1983 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They had three children: I.  ELIZABETH Helen SAUNDERS;  ;ii. DOROTHY Margaret SAUNDERS, (1932 -1990 m. WYMAN HENRY DOHERTY;  iii. ROBERT Brock SAUNDERS, m. ELIZABETH BURGOYNE GIBSON (Brock is the contributor to the Wyllie Story);  

The two sons of William Drummond  and Baker were:   1. William “Tud” BAKER DRUMMOND born 1898 and died  in  World War II;  2.  JAMES (Jim) BAKER DRUMMOND was born March 9, 1900 in Minnedosa and died July 28, 1987 in  Marmora, Ontario.   He married MARY MARGARET KILMEK December 8, 1930 in Calgary, Alberta, daughter of ANTHONY KLIMEK and CATHERINE KROSKA.   They had three children, i. MARIANNE  m. RAY KENNETH BURRIS ii. WILLIAM  b  1934,  m. JUDY HENDRY;  iii. ROBERT  b. 1937,  m. FLORANCE MACDONALD


    (1827-1911)      (1834-1900)  

 Philip Munro was born April 28, 1827 in Nova Scotia and at the age of 26 on June 15,1855 married the 21 year old Harriet Blaikie Tupper who was born November 18, 1834, daughter of James and Jennett (Blaikie) Tupper. The raised 11 children in the span of 20 years 1856-1881 while farming theha rsh land that was carved out of the wilderness by his father in Colcherster County, Nova Scotia.1 . John (Jack) William  b. May  9, 1856;2 . Helen  b. March 10, 1858 (d.1858); 3 . James Anderson  (b.1860 d.1873); 4 . Jessie Blaikie  b. May  16, 1861; 5 .  Charles Edward b. January 4,1864; 6 . Margaret Jane b. Dec. 24, 1865 (d.1869); 7 .  Joseph Anderson b. Mar. 28,1868; 8 . Catherine McDonald (b.1870 d.1870); 9 .  Eliakiam Tupper  b. Sept.20, 1871; 10.  Henry Smith    b. Oct.  6, 1873 married Agnes “Nancy” Drummond.o;dest daughter of Williamd Drummond and and Agnes Hodge; 11.  David Wilson   b. June  7, 1881

  In 1881, at the age of 54, Philip and with his wife Harriett leave Nova Scotia which they have called home for some 30 years, with their remaining six children for the long trek to homestead in Manitoba. It is said they arrived by barge at Brandon, where they travelled northward upriver to settle some 12 miles north of Minnedosas about the same time Williamd Drummond arrived.

 The site for the homestead was chosen because of the similarity to the Nova Scotia home they had left, with it's spring water, beautiful valley and surrounding hills. They started from scratch, having to build a log home and provide food for the family. It is said that they nearly froze and starved to death the first years in their drafty old cabin.

  Roy Munro, son of David tells the story :When grandfather came he built his long cabin about five feet from an old Indian Trail. Actually the original Munro Home straddled the junction of two major Indian Trails. A Hudson Bay out post, Desjarlais House squatted right where the Munro's later made their garden. A Brass door hinge was found in the dirt along with many indian artifacts. The homestead is located on flat land on the north rim of the river valley and  on the property is a lake which is mentioned many times as the Munro Lake.

 In 1886 a terrible prairie fire from across the river swept up the valley and north east over the hills destroying many settlers homes, including , friends of the Munros, Greenlaws, but Philips home was saved by his son Charles ploughing a head line with the oxen which were lead by David Munro, a boy of only 10 , who said later “ He was never so frightened in all his life.     


Now before I start to go into my own life and adventures as I am the last of the family, I think it will be better to start at your dear Mothers side of the house and bring that along even with the Drummond side and then give  details from the time your mother and I were married.    

   Your Mothers name as you know  was Annie Hodge. The Hodges have been farmers at Lochhill Farms in Ayrshire for along time back. Your Grandfather John Hodge’s people were on a farm called Craighead where I think he was born and raised, and William Hodge was a farming there when I was home. Your Grandfather had three brothers, Robert, David and James. Robert was on a farm called Altiwan in Carrick, but later I think they all moved to Essex in England. There were several sons and daughters in the family (cousins of your Mothers) and I have met some of them at Lochhill, but I don't remember their names. David your grandfathers next brother was if I remember deformed some way and was a writer or teacher or something of that sort and I think I only saw him once. James Hodge the other brother was a farmer in Friendlesshead, a farm near Mauchline. He was married and had some family but they were small when I left for Canada, but I rather think it was one of his sons that married my Brothers Robert’s adopted daughter and were farming in the Old Farm Bogwood, but I could not be sure.

   Your Grandfather Hodge also had several sisters but I don't know how many. I know Old Mrs. Wallace of Auchenbrain ( Mother of Robert Wallace), Old Mrs. Gray ( Mother of my brother Robert’s wife) was another and I think there was at least one more a Mrs. Freebairn in or near Muirkirk, as I know your Mother had cousins of that name who used to visit at Lochhill.

(Locate a Janet Reid sister to  Agnes Park Reid who married  Alexander  Freebain.


On your grandmothers side I don't know much. Her maiden name was Agnes Reid, and Nancy was called after her. She had only one brother that I ever knew of,  Hugh Reid of Chalmerstone not far from Lochhill, and there were several children in that family and some of them went to school at the time I did. That was the only relative of Grandmother Hodge that I knew.    


HUGH REID was born March 3, 1770 in Auchenleck.  He married SUSAN BROWN about 1785.  children of HUGH REID and SUSAN BROWN are: 1. JANET BROWN REID, b. February 27, 1785, Kilmarnock;  2. JOHN BROWN REID  b. January 15, 1791, Sorn, d. Lochhill Farm, Stair..  He married ANN MCGAVIN PARK  April 24, 1821 at Burntshields, Sorn, daughter of GEORGE PARK and AGNES MCGAVIN.  She was born September 5, 1794 in Burntshields, Sorn. Children of JOHN REID and ANN PARK are: i. AGNES (ANN) PARK REID , b. January 20, 1822, Mauchline  (Lochhill Farm, Stair); d. May 18, 1902, Craighead Farm. She married JOHN YOUNG HODGE December 1849 in Mauchline, Ayr, son of DAVID HODGE and ELIZABETH YOUNG.  He was born February 22, 1826 in Craighead Farm, Ayr, and died December 1895 in Famous for Clydesdale Horses. Children of AGNES REID and JOHN HODGE are: i. ELIZABETH BESSIE REID HODGE , b. June 1, 1852, Lochhill Farm, Stair; m. DAVID MORRISON, July 8, 1875, Stair, Ayr; b. 1845, Coylton; d. 1881: Farmed Meadow bank, Stair (Farm 50 Acres); ii. JOHN HODGE, b. 1854; d. Young;  iii. ANNIE PARK REID HODGE IV, b. May 19, 1856, m. WILLIAM LAMBIE DRUMMOND ;  iv. AGNES REID HODGE  b. June 15, 1858,  m. GEORGE DRUMMOND HUNTER ; v. JANE-JEAN REID HODGE  b. December 8, 1860, Stair,  d. March 19, 1939, Raised by Hunter Family; m. ALEX MITCHELL WYLLIE;  I. JOHN JAMES REID HODGE , b. December 8, 1860, Friendlesshead Farm, Mauchline; d. Essex; m. ELIZABETH LENNOX; b. Slough House, Essex; vii. JANET NANCY REID HODGE  b. November 3, 1862, Lochhill Farm, Stair; d. February 16, 1927; m. WILLIAM ROY HOOD ;  viii. DAVID ROBERT REID HODGE , b. November 5, 1865, BUNTONGFORD , HERTS;  m. MARY  MURCHIE;  ii. JANET PARK REID IV, b. March 10, 1824, Mauchline.  She married ALEXANDER FREEBAIRN November 5, 1847 in Mauchline.  Children of JANET REID and ALEXANDER FREEBAIRN are: i. ANN PARK REID FREEBAIRN, b. December 28, 1849. ii. ALEXANDER REID FREEBAIRN, b. August 2, 1852;  iii. HUGH PARK REID IV, b. November 3, 1826, Mauchline, Ayr; d. Chalmerston Farm.  He married MARY YOUNG June 11, 1855 in Mauchline.  Children of HUGH REID and MARY YOUNG are:  i. JOHN YOUNG REID, b. March 23, 1856, Stair; ii. ANNE YOUNG REID, b. August 5, 1859, Mauchline; iii. MARY RONALD YOUNG REID, b. January 31, 1862, Mauchline;  iv. AGNESS YOUNG REID, b. March 16, 1864, Mauchline;  v. ROBERT YOUNG REID, b. May 15, 1866, Stair;  vi. HUGH YOUNG REID, b. May 17, 1871, Stair; vii. WILLIAM YOUNG REID, b. February 4, 1873, Stair; viii. JANE YOUNG REID, b. 1878, Stair; 3. ANDREW BROWN REID, b. 1794; d. 1881 Census. Child of ANDREW REID is: i. JANET REID, b. 1837; m. GEORGE VALLANCE; 4. ROBERT BROWN REID, b. 1800, Sorn. Children of ROBERT REID III are: i. JANET REID, b. 1832;  ii.  JAMES S. REID, b. 1839; iii. ROBERT REID, b. 1844;   v. WILLIAM (MCCLURE) REID, b. 1811.


JOHN HODGE was born about 1768 in Mauchline, and died February 25, 1851 at Craighead Farm.  He married JEAN GRAY about 1789 in Tarbolton.  She was born June 30, 1770 in Tarbolton, and died May 4, 1853 at Craighead.. They had 14 children and David was number seven: # 7. DAVID GRAY HODGE  was born September 6, 1801 at Craighead and died May 6, 1871 at Friendlesshead he married ELIZABETH KIRKLAND YOUNG July 16, 1825 in Mauchline, daughter of THOMAS YOUNG and ELIZABETH KIRKLAND.  She was born June 3, 1801 in Kilmarnock,  and died March 10, 1875  at Mauchline. David had six children  with John being the oldest son:  #1.  JOHN YOUNG HODGE was born February 22, 1826 at Craighead and died December 1895 .  He married AGNES (ANN) PARK REID IV December 1849 in Mauchline,  daughter of JOHN REID and ANN PARK.  She was born January 20, 1822 in Mauchline  (Lochhill Farm, Stair), and died May 18, 1902 at Craighead: They had eight children: i. ELIZABETH born June 1, 1852, Lochhill Farm, Stair married DAVID MORRISON, July 8, 1875, ii. JOHN  born 1854; d. Young; iii. ANNIE PARK REID HODGE, b. May 19, 1856, Lochhill Farm, d. December 7, 1895, Westhope Farm, Creeford, Manitoba, Canada (Head Stone in Mauchline and Manitoba) married  WILLIAM LAMBIE DRUMMOND  August 10, 1880 the author of this narrative; iv. AGNES  born June 15, 1858, Lochhill Farm died April 28, 1904, Hillhead Farm married GEORGE DRUMMOND HUNTER  about 1882, Sorn. He was born April 11, 1852, Redcraig  Farm, Sorn  d. September 10, 1905, Hillhead Farm;  v. JANE-JEAN  born December 8, 1860, Stair, died March 19, 1939 ( Raised by Hunter Family) married  ALEX MITCHELL WYLLIE about 1890; vi. JOHN born December 8, 1860, Friendlesshead Farm and died Essex; married ELIZABETH LENNOX who was born at Slough House, Essex; vii. JANET born November 3, 1862, Lochhill Farm died February 16, 1927 and married WILLIAM ROY HOOD about 1882; He was born December 5, 1859, Sorn; immigrated to Canada?. viii. DAVID  born November 5, 1865 married  MARY  MURCHIE.  

Child # 12. ELIZABETH GRAY HODGE  born January 6, 1812 was  number twelve in the family and married David  Andrews Gray and  their daughter was  wife to Robert Drummond .


Grandfather Hodge was a fine big upstanding man and must have weighed nearly 300 pounds. He was very good natured and I never heard of him losing his temper. Your grandmother we used to think was little  other the other way and the girls used to think she lost hers rather often. However, she had a huge family to manage and your Grandfather was a good deal away from his home as he had a great number of Clydesdale Horses always on the road, and attending all the markets and fairs, and a big portion of the management of the farm fell on her shoulders when he was away, so it is perhaps no wonder if she lost her temper once in a while, and after the girls grew up and us boys used to gather around in the evening there used to be some pretty high old jinks carried on, and now I often think it is a wonder the old Gentleman did not drive us all from the place with the dogs.   There were altogether in the family 1. Bessie / Elizabeth b/1852; 2. John born 1854 died young; 3. Annie b. 1856 (your dear Mother); 4. Agnes b. 1858; 5 Jeanie / Jane b. Dec 9 1860; 6. John born 1866; 7. Janet/Jessie b. Nov 3 1862; 8. David, born Nov 5, 1865.


Bessie (b. June 1, 1852) married David Morrison before I began to court your mother. He had been in New Zealand for some years, and when he came home he married and went to a small farm called “Primrose Bank” that belonged to his two maiden aunts, just a short distance from Lochhill. ( I think I forgot to mention that Lochhill was the name of your Grandfathers Farm and where your Mother was born and brought up on) It was quite a large farm in Stair Parish, about four miles from Mauchline. They always kept about 45 or 50 Ayrshire dairy cows, and made cheese like most all the farmers at Lochhill for several years and was very successful at it, taking prizes several times at Kilmarnock Cheese shows.   Your mother made the cheese at Lochhill for several years and was very successful at it, taking prizes several times at the Kilmarnock Cheese Show. Just about the time I was  married,  David Morison's Aunt retired and went to Ayr to live and  the farm was left  to him and Aunt Bessie. They never had any family.  

“Primrose Bank” was a lovely little place and Uncle David used to farm it well and kept it in fine shape, but I don't know how they will get on with help so scares.


John (b.  Dec 9, 1866  Friendlesshead Farm) I think he was the next oldest in the Hodge Family and is farming in the old farm at Lochhill. He married some years ago (Elizabeth Lennox of Slough House, Essex). The oldest son went to Essex and took a farm there just before I was married. He married a Scotch girl (Aunt Mary) . Your Uncle David died some years ago.


Annie (b. May 19, 1856) the next eldest in the family was your dear Mother, but I will leave her at present and some other time I intend to write out more fully our life together, our travels and trials, and joys and sorrows till death called her from me at the age of 39 years and seven months.


The next to your mother was Agnes (b. June 15, 1858) who was about two years younger that your mother. She married George Drummond Hunter, a farmer and they had a farm called Redcraig which lay just alongside of Bogwood. They were married after we came to Canada and they farmed in Redcraig for several years. Then George bought a farm of his own called Hillhead close beside Mossgiel. Aunt Agnes died their April 28 1904 and George Hunter died on Sept. 10 of the next year (1905) I think two little boys was the family they had and at the death of the parents , aunt Jeanie of Mossgiel (Mrs. Wyllie) took the two boys and brought them up. George Dr. Hunter married “Mami “ Wyllie of Mossgiel and came to Canada and was involved with the University of Alberta.  Refer to

George Hunter Scandal Story) 2. John married Annie Paton.

HUGH CUNNINGHAM HUNTER was born February 3, 1788 in Old Cumnock.  He married AGNESS WILLOCK August 15, 1817 in Old Cumnock.  Children of HUGH HUNTER and AGNESS WILLOCK are  1. HUGH WILLOCK HUNTER, b. November 1, 1818, Old Cumnock, unknowan; 2.  GEORGE WILLOCK HUNTER was born November 5, 1820 in New Cumnock.  He married ELIZABETH DOUGLAS DRUMMOND IV January 5, 1845 in Colmonell, daughter of JOHN DRUMMOND and JANET DOUGLAS.  She was born August 11, 1817 in Sorn, and died September 25, 1895 in South Auchenweet, Tarbolton. Children of GEORGE HUNTER and ELIZABETH DRUMMOND are: i. JOHN Drummond HUNTER, b. May 16, 1847, Sorn;  ii.  JANET Drummond HUNTER was born August 27, 1849 in Sorn,  and  unmarried in 1881 living with brother George. Child of JANET DRUMMOND HUNTER is: ELIZABETH DRUMMOND HUNTER, b. July 5, 1871, Tarbolton;  iii.  GEORGE Drummond HUNTER , b. April 11, 1852, Redcraig  Farm, Sorn Scotland; d. September 10, 1905, Hillhead Farm.  He married AGNES REID HODGE IV born June 15, Children of GEORGE HUNTER and AGNES HODGE are: i. JOHN HODGE HUNTER IV, m. ANNIE PATON;  ii. GEORGE  HODGE (Doctor) HUNTER IV, b. 1894, Sorn; d. April 6, 1978, Hospath, Oxford, England; m. ELIZABETH “MAMI” WYLLIE, 1923; d. England; iv.  ROBERT DRUMMOND W. HUNTER , b. August 13, 1854, Sorn  m. ELIZABETH I. HUNTER, about  1874 ; v. WILLIAM Drummond HUNTER, b. September 27, 1856, Sorn; vi. AGNES  Drummond HUNTER, b. August 10, 1859; vii. AGNESS  Drummond HUNTER, b. January 6, 1862.


Next came Jeanie/Jane Hodge (b Dec. 9,1860) who is married to Alex Mitchell Wyllie( b.1859) of Mossgiel Farm. (Mossgiel is the farm of Robbie Burns)  Alex’s parents were James Wyllie and Janet Mitchell (m.1839) Alex got Mossgiel Farm when his father died. There were a large family of the Wyllie’s. The boys were William, John, Hugh, James and Alex.  John of course you know is in Manitoba, Hugh was on the farm in Dumfriesshire, James was a grain dealer in Dumfries and Alex as I have said is a farmer in Mossgiel. There were at least three girls but they were all married years ago and scattered. Mossgiel you will know (if you have read your Burns) is the farm where the poet Burns lived for some years, and where he wrote some of his best poems, and it was quite a resort for  Americans especially, and they used to keep a large book for them to register in. Aunt Jeanie and Uncle Alex have quite a large family but of course I don't know how many there are or even there names. (Further information on this family would be appreciated  also read the Brock Saunders update. )


Born Nov. 5 1865  is farming the old farm at Lochhill. He married  (Mary Murchie) some years ago. They had a large family. (Cannot locate as of 2000)


The last of the Hodge family is Jane/Jessie.( B. Nov. 3 1862) She married William Roy Hood  (b. DEC 5, 1859) of Dormiston and they took a farm called ....Mapleston not very far from Lochhill. I did not know very much about him only having met him once or twice. Something seems to have gone wrong in the family I think so far as I remember he took to drinking and things seemed to have gone wrong from then on, and in the long run I think they had a separation, at least he left home and the last I heard of him was several years ago when he was our here in the west (Canada) somewhere and I don't know whether he ever went back home again or whether he is dead or alive. I think there was one or two of a family but I am not sure. The last word I heard Aunt Jessie was still on the farm and managing very well. (I have a picture of Ina and Nancy when they were young)


JAMES  HOOD  was born 1797 in Sorn.  He married  December 20, 1822  MARY BROWN in Sorn. Their children were: 1. HELEN Brown HOOD , b. September 4, 1823, Sorn;  1881: unmarried living at  Bridge lane;  2. JOHN Brown HOOD II was born July 30, 1825 in Sorn.  He married MARY ROY April 9, 1854 in Sorn. Children of JOHN HOOD and MARY ROY are: i. AGNESS ROY HOOD, b. July 12, 1854, Sorn;  ii. JAMES ROY HOOD, b. December 26, 1855, Sorn; iii. ARCHIBALD ROY HOOD, b. September 13, 1857, Sorn;  iv. WILLIAM ROY HOOD III was born December 5, 1859 in Sorn, and died unknown.  He married JANET NANCY REID HODGE IV about 1882, daughter of JOHN HODGE and AGNES REID. Children of WILLIAM HOOD and JANET HODGE are:  i. JIM HODGE HOOD IV, m. JESSIE HILLHOUSE, and had seven children;  ii. JESSIE HODGE HOOD IV, m. ? WALLACE ; iii. INA HODGE HOOD IV, m. MANSON and had two children;  iv. NANCY HODGE HOOD IV, m. JOHN LOGAN (Brother to Mary Logan wife  of. W. Wyllie; v. ANNIE HODGE HOOD IV, m. GARVIN HAMILTON and had two children; v. MARY BROWN ROY HOOD, b. January 3, 1862, Sorn; vi. JOHN ROY HOOD, b. March 3, 1864, Sorn.; vii. HUGH ROY HOOD, b. March 19, 1867; 3.  SUSAN BROWN HOOD, b. March 8, 1828;  4. JAMES BROWN HOOD, b. January 10, 1833, Sorn; . 1881: County Lunatic Asylum Glenhall;  5. ARCHIBALD BROWN HOOD, b. September 8, 1835; 6. WILLIAM BROWN HOOD, b. January 11, 1838.; 7.   HUGH BROWN HOOD II was born February 28, 1842 in Sorn in 1881 living at Bridge Lane, Sorn.  He married MARGARET STEVENSON MOORE II in Sorn, daughter of THOMAS MOORE and ELIZABETH STEVENSON.  She was born January 25, 1842 in Sorn, .Children of HUGH HOOD and MARGARET MOORE are: i. JAMES MOORE3 HOOD, b. February 16, 1869, Sorn;. ii. THOMAS MOORE HOOD, b. September 21, 1870, Sorn ; iii. HUGH MOORE HOOD, b. March 23, 1873, Sorn. JOHN HOOD, b. 1879;   JANET ? HOOD was born 1853 in Sorn, and in 1881 living on Ford Street with child i. WILLIAM HOOD, b. 1876.


Now I think I have brought the two families up to date where we can leave them for the present. I am very sorry I did not keep better in touch with both sides of the house years ago as I fully realize that there are a great many names, places and dates which I cannot give which would have rounded out this short history and made it much more interesting to you. However it may serve the purpose partially for which it is intended, that is, to give you something to go on if you should ever go back to Scotland in the way of sorting out your relatives there and I have no doubt many of them will be able to fill in the names and gaps I have left open.

Your Uncle Jim ( The Doctor) might be  glad to give you a good deal of information on the Drummond side and your Aunt Bessie (Mrs. Morrison) I think would be able to give you most information on the Hodge side.

Now I will close this rambling history for the present and at some future time I may take up the thread of the story at the time when your Mother and an I were married. But just before I close this, I want to say to you who can’ remember very much of your mother that never was any man blessed with a more noble, plucky, loving, helpful, helpmate that I , and while she was a year older in years than I she was twenty years older in wisdom and grit.

Just imagine a young girl brought up on a quiet farm in a quiet country side where young people especially girls travel very little, and are seldom many miles away from home all their lives, consenting to join up with a young man with very little more experience than herself, and starting out for the wild and woolly West and setting down on the bare prairie and helping to build a home. Always working, planning, contriving, managing, everything for the best, for her husband and little family. That was your mother. Leaving me out of the question altogether is it any wonder that I have six such daughters and one boy, all healthy, kind brave good girls of whom I am so Proud.

 Signed: Father William Drummond


    Agnes Reid (Hodge) Drummond

                (1856 --1895)

       By Miss Margaret Drummond

At Peggy Sandiland's request I am putting on paper what I know of our dear Mother's life, before and after her marriage. Father William Drummond intended to write the story but death took him. Mother's name was Annie Park Hodge. She was one of five sisters and two brothers.    Elizabeth Bessie married David Morrison of Primrose Bank, Mother was the next oldest, then Agnes married George Hunter, who had a farm quite near Bogwood farm, Jane Jeanie married Alex Wyllie of Mossgiel and then Jessie Janet Nancy married William Hood.  Lochhill was the name of Grandfather's farm where Mother was born and brought up. It was about four miles from Mauchline. There were two boys in the family, Uncle John and Uncle David. Grampa Hodge was a big good natured man and grandma was very strict. She probably had to be, with five daughters to bring up and Grampa away  from home a great deal of the time, with pedigree animals. Dad remarked once that it was a wonder that she did not chase the boys off the place with a stick.  Read the last paragraph in the Family Tree Father wrote. It may make you weep as it does me. Father and Mother were married in Glasgow August 10th, 1880 and left for Canada soon after. In the family Bible given to them on their wedding day we find the words:

 “The Lord bless you and keep you.  The Lord make His Face shine upon you and be gracious unto you.  The Lord lift up his Countenance upon you and give you peace."

Quite near Toronto there lived a fine couple, Mr and Mrs. Robert Davidson. They were relatives on the Drummond side. Mrs. Davidson was a Lambie and her niece, Bessie Lambie, who later became Mrs. Robert French, was a very dear friend of mothers as were the Davidson’s. Because Lambie was my middle name, Mr. Davidson found me in the Missionary Home many years later. They were very kind to me and often had me in their home when I was in Toronto. I like to think that mother found friends like the Davidson’s when she was in a strange country, and a happy home in which to stay when father went West in search of a place to settle.  The Davidson’s kept a store, and  mother helped in the house. She was greatly praised for her sewing and fancy work. Mrs. French had in her possession a beautiful table cloth of Damask lilies made by  mother.

Father went back to Ontario for mother and in the spring of 1881 both came to Winnipeg and travelled to Minnedosa, probably in a Red River cart drawn by horses or oxen. It would be a long tiresome journey.  The story goes that while crossing Rat Creek Mother thought she had lost her cat, box and all, when it fell into the creek. Father jumped out and rescued it, and on they went until they arrived at a place called Creeford. Father pitched a tent and Nan (Agnes Munro) Drummond says, “ I was born on the ground like a papoose August 18th, 1881".

A few years ago I was taken to Brookdale about 37 miles from Minnedosa and shown the land known for years, as the “Drummond Farm”. A mound of earth I was told marks the very place where the house once stood. It was there that Bob and and I, Margaret (1885) were born.

Father and Mother were fortunate in finding neighbours, Mr. & Mrs. Spratt who remained friends for many years. A better friend that Mrs. Spratt, mother could not have had. They had many happy times together, such as a trip to Brandon with Dad driving a spanking team of horses. Mother wore a bonnet and a dolmen ( a women's coat with cape like flaps instead of sleaves), which we as girls, years later often pulled out of Nan's big box and dressed up. It was fun to dress up and make believe in those days.

The following autumn after I was born, father sold out and went to Salem in Oregon, where he worked in a lumber mill. His work seemed to be cutting down trees and it was there a tree fell on his leg and broke it.    Nan also remembers mother preserving fruit in a boiler as there were no pressure cookers in those days.   Anne was born in Oregon October 16, 1887. Soon after that event, father decided to go back to Scotland as Grampa wanted him to take over Bogwood Farm.

It was late at night when father and mother, with four children left Mauchline Station and it was a good mile walk to Bogwood farm.  I remember we were all very tired, Grampa appeared at the door wearing a long night shirt and carried a candle. Evidently we were not expected. There would be no telegraphs in those days. Nan and Bob stayed with Aunt Bessie Morrison ( Mother's oldest sister) most of the time. They had no children. Anne was a tiny girl with lovely golden curls. Uncle David would throw her up and catch her. “Do it again Uncle David”, I remember her saying.

An incident I am a little ashamed of telling, but I will tell it to prove that apples do not hinder a Pneumonia patient's recovery. A big red apple was given to me and I promised not to eat it. “I will keep it under my pillow”, I said. Later, with my head under the blankets, I ate it all and was none the worse.    Bess St. John was born (1890) at Bogwood farm, and I do wish she could have seen her birth place when I passed very near it on my way to Liverpool by train. There lay the white washed buildings, the home of the Drummonds for many years.

Many interesting stories could be written of what Nan, Bob and I remember of the time in Scotland and the trip back to Canada. Nan and Bob had dancing lessons, it was done in those days. I was about four years old and remember quite well sitting at the window watching the funeral of a little child go by the house. Some one told me the child was going to heaven. “Where is Heaven”, I wondered.

In March 1891 the family came back to Canada. Father answered an advertisement for a manager at Birtle Side Farm. Col Wilkinson was quite well to do but Nan says; Dad did not get much of it. Twelve agricultural students were brought out from England or Scotland for father to teach them farming.  Mary Patterson came from Scotland with the family and was a great help to mother and a friend to us all for many years. I remember how strict she was in getting us to bed in good time, especially when a party was on. We often did some peeking and enjoyed the fun. As a special treat one evening I was held up to see father and mother dancing. They were lovely; by far the nicest couple on the floor.

The Bird Trail river ran quite near our home and it was in that river Anne was nearly drowned. We were riding the logs going down the river, not realizing the danger until Anne slipped into the water and went under the log. I do not know how we got her out. Jean (1892) and Jess (1894) were born at Birtle. There was no Hospital for mother but in Mrs. Cairncross she had wonderful nursing care. Jess was very small when we moved to the Morris farm, four miles south of Minnedosa. Mother worked hard looking after the family of seven, as well as helped to make cheese to sell.

On December 7th, 1895 mother died in child birth. It was a case of Placenta Previa (organ by which the fetus is attached to the wall of the womb and nourished) Dr. Roche came from Minnedosa but could not save mother. It was a sad day for father and for all of us.   Mary Patterson came to look after us, arriving just in time for the funeral. She stayed a year or more with us, and then Arthur Evans and Mary were married in 1896, and left after the sale. We moved into Minnedosa. Mother was buried in Minnedosa Cemetery and later father was buried beside her in 1919.


by Brock Saunders in Canada

Around 1957 my mother Jessie Drummond-Saunders received a letter and photo from Jean Wyllie, the widow of Alex Wyllie of Teulon, son of Aunt Jessie Drummond. This was the first they had heard of her since she and Alex had left for Britain before the War. Jean had been born in Kenora. Her father had been the Mill Superintendent for M & 0 Paper there and she taught up in Teulon where she  met and married Alex Wyllie. Aunt Anne and mother had been quite close to the Wyllie as they not far from Winnipeg, and they  were close  to them in age.

She declined to stay with either mom or Aunt Anne and stayed instead at the Fort Gary Hotel. This was puzzling as there was still currency restrictions in Britain and she would only have been allowed the equal of $75 to $100. After a while Jean told them what had happened. It seems that Alex’s brother - I think his name was John , did not want to farm and returned to Britain where he established a string of department stores in the North called Wyllie's. After the old folks died Alex and Jean stayed on and farmed on what was not really too good land. During the depression John who had never married and had no heirs suggested that Alex come in with him and of course when John died left Alex with quite a nice fortune. Alex and Jean retired to Ester a wealth suburb of London and had a mansion of a house. They had two children, Bonnie, who was a Ballet Dancer and married one of the Grant Whisky family and lives in Edinburgh and Bruce who took over the business. The Teulon Farm in Manitoba was not sold until the early 1950's when land prices had recovered and Jean had left the money on deposit in Winnipeg. This was the money she was spending while she was out here and if she had taken it back to Britain she would have paid most of it to the government in taxes.   Mother kept in contact with Jean f or many years and when she finally stopped writing we had one of Dad Saunders brothers-in-law check and he found that she had died.  

Our contact with the Wyllie's of Mossgiel came when mother’s two first cousins, Jessie Pickens and Nancy Woodburn came out in the 1960’s. They were both Wyllie's and their nephew Alex ran the farm at Mossgiel where they had been born. Don St. John has kept up with the Pickens in Kirkcudbright. When Betty and I were given a trip over in 1982 we only had three days that we could spend in the area and so we did Craigie, Mauchline and Mossgiel instead.

We first went to Craigie and saw the Kirk (Church) and inquired about the Drummonds and Wyllie’s. When they heard that I was a minister and a Drummond nothing would do but they called the janitor of the Kirk and she was out in front with the Hugh key to let us in. We phoned the Wyllie's and spent much of the morning with them. They have updated what was once the Robbie Burn's farm. They still have poems in Burn's hand and also letters. They also have a Guest Book that goes way back as long as the Wyllie's have been there. Mossgiel is north and east of Mauchline - but only a few miles out of town. We got directions to Bogwood and also the cemetery where we saw the family graves and then dropped in on the Hodges at Bogwood. James Hodge was away at another farm he owns. He has torn down the Bogwood house and replaced it with a very modern and comfortable home with grain Silos out back, the first I have seen since Canada. I would say that he and Alec were excellent examples of British farmers.

James Hodge is descended from Isabel who was adopted by my great Uncle Robert Drummond and his wife Maggie Grey. She was married too David Hodge who was her cousin and also related to the Drummonds through my Grandmother -  I think it worked out that James is a second cousin to me one way and a third cousin  another. When we were in Ayr we went to visiting cousin Nancy Wyllie Woodburn, she was ninety some odd and was in a nursing home but was very bright. She remembered me and her trip out to Canada.

L I N D S A Y  T R U S T

Thomas Lindsay of Townend Farm was born November 4, 1829 and married January 17, 1851 to Janet Drummond  b. November 5, 1832 daughter of Robert Drummond (b.1778) and Jean Brown (b. 1790)

Janet died (1922) and her husband Thomas in 1927 at age 98. They had no natural children.

Janet’s sister Maggie Drummond married a John Cunningham. They had three children: Robert, Adam and John (Tom). Maggie died shortly after Tom was born and Janet and her husband adopted or looked after the youngest Tom (1855-1920). His children were listed as Marjory and John Cunningham.

LETTER - December 27, 1923 Mr. Thomas Lindsay’s Trust

Abstract of final account charge and discharge and scheme of division from March 16th, 1922 to August 13, 1927. The estate was valued in pounds at  (1688.1.2) and all the  following named received a share.


I. John Lindsay, his 6 children:  Elizabeth (Geddes), James, William, Margaret, John, Jane (Farries).

2. Alexander Lindsay, and his children: Thomas,  Alexander,  Elizabeth (Taylor).

3. Jeanie Lindsay  married (Hamilton). Their two children: James,  Elizabeth (Baxter).

4. Janet Lindsay, married (Smith). Their five children:  Agatha, John, James L, Hugh, Elizabeth (Gordon) and her children  Janet, Mary, Andrew,  William.

5. Elizabeth Lindsay  married Robert Sloss Drummond of Pocknave Farm.  Their five children were:  Margaret (Faithe) , James,  Hugh, Robert, William Drummond.

6. Agnes Lindsay married (Gray). Their children were: Jeanie, Agnes, Mary, Elizabeth  married  Robert L Browning and their children were:  Jeanie, Agnes, Mary, John Gray was deceased and his children were: John , Alice, Nancy.

7. Marion Lindsay married (Connell) Their children: John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Jeanie (Farquhar),  Maggie (Smith), Annie (Kennedy),  Robert, James.


I. John Drummond  married (Duncan) and their ten  children were: 1. Jean Drummond (Paton)  Margaret (James Shield), Robert, John, Elizabeth (Taylor), William, David, James, Janet. 2. Agnes Drummond married Samuel Thompson ( No children listed). 3. Robert Drummond  married  (Auld) their eleven children:  Mary (Nisbit), John, Jean (McCartney) and her daughter Agnes M’Cartney (Mitchell),  Marion (Becket), Robert, David, Daniel,  Andrew, William, Janet and Alexander married (   ) his daughter Sarah Drummond.

4. David Drummond

5. Annie Drummond  (John Wallace)

6. Sophia (Speirs) children were: John, Jane D., Margaret S., William and his sons: William and John

7. Maggie Drummond married (Hyslop), Children were: Daniel, Jean (Templeton),  John,  Robert, David,  Andrew, Jessie (Arthur) and her children were: Hugh, Robert, Maggie

8. John Drummond married adopted daughter (Lindsay) their child:  John Drummond

9. Mary Drummond married (Murray)  Children were:  Nellie (Hill house),  John D., Jean (Kennedy),  Thomas, Robert.

10.  Janet Drummond married John Drummond (son of Old John) her children were: Robert, David, Janet (Paterson), James C., Charles, Thomas, William, Jane, Mary (Patterson) and daughter Mary Janet.

II. Robert Drummond married (Lambie) and his five children were: 1 . John, married (Hyslop) his two children were: Robert and Janet (Pritchard), 2. Elizabeth (Wallace) 3. Jessie (Wyllie),  4. Dr. James and his children R.O. and James W., 5. William Drummond and his children: Nancy (Munro), Margaret, Robert, Annie (Walker), Bessie (St. John), Jessie (Saunders), Jean (Hewson)

III Agnes Drummond married (Dunlop) their two children: 1. Agnes (Hunter), 2. Maggie

IV Maggie Drummond (Cunningham) Children: 1. Robert, 2. Adam, 3. John  his children Marjory and John

V. Jean Drummond married (Lambie) Children: 1. James, 2. Robert, 3. William, 4. John and his children: Mrs. E.B. Wilson, Mrs. K.A. Bruce, Mrs. E.E. Wallace, James, Jane (Bruce), William.

This document listed some 138 decedents and left a great paper trail to who is related to whom.   Thank ‘s to Don St. John of Minnedosa, Manitoba for sharing this vary valuable piece of Drummond History.


Born Camiscan July 5, 184

by: Vivieene McCormack


Glaswegians are, almost without exception, rather parochial, but also justifiably proud of their city and also generally fairly family minded.  My family, at the level I knew them, were very typical in this respect, and back to my grandparents generation almost none of the family had moved outside Glasgow or its environs.  It was therefore a bit of a surprise for me when I looked into the family history, to find more of a “mixed bag”.

My Dad and my brother Alistair had done a lot of the leg work starting from a good base of information that the families had kept.  On my Mum”s side the information was a bit more patchy, and not surprisingly, my Dad had more interest in following the Murdoch line in his investigations, so I started with more information on his side.

~1740 -- 1900

The Murdoch line goes back exclusively in Glasgow as far back as we could trace and still be certain of the finds.  The types of profession occurring are in the paper industry, printing, iron moulding and weaving.  The profession of calico printing that appears was particularly prevalent in Paisley which was one area where Murdochs originated from, so this is perhaps validation of the family”s origins.

The Forresters appear to have been a poor side of the family.  An example of how hard life would have been for people generally at that time is Margaret McLucky (1850) who married three times (her mother married four times), had her second husband, Alexander Forrester die within three years of marriage in Govan Poorhouse, had a total of six children and then died herself at the age of 47 of TB.

The Thomson family have only recently come to light as farmers.  My Dad had understandably mistaken a John Thomson born 31 December 1866 of Samuel Thomson and Agnes Drummond in Glasgow for his relative, when in fact the correct John Thomson, born 31 December 1866 of Samuel Thomson and Agnes Drummond was born in Dumfriesshire.  An incredible coincidence which meant that a different perspective was put on the Thomson side.  Samuel Thomson then became a dairyman born in Crawfordjohn, just off the M74 to Carlisle.

The Matson and Hardy lines have me stumped, as it appears that John Matson and Maria Jane Hardy were both born in Northern Ireland.  They were married on 18 April 1864 in Belfast, and although Dublin Records Office holds records from January 1864, they could find no record of this marriage.  I suspect that the records from this early on are perhaps a little patchy.  I was particularly disappointed in this failure as there was more information available on this side of the family.  There had reputedly been a “castle in Ireland, lost through drink”!  It seems unlikely: William Matson had been a shoemaker, and Thomas Hardy an inkeeper, but like all stories, at least some element of it is probably true (maybe just the Irish connection).  Then I have a photo of Maria Jane Hardy, who looks a bit of a battleaxe, but my grandmother remembers her (grandmother) very kindly.  I think it a good deal more likely that the Matsons and Hardys came to Scotland as a result of the economic conditions prevalent at that time, following the potato famine in 1845.  Neither set of parents appear to have come over, as they didn”t die here, but at least two Matson brothers appear in a Glasgow census.  This same census indicates that John Matson was not living with his wife, who was listed as the head of the household, but whether this was because of some rift between them, or simply on account of his being in the army, I don”t know.  Certainly by the time of his death, he was living in an army home, and died of a compound fracture of his leg and gangrene, at the age of 61.  His wife, Maria Jane Hardy, lived on to be 77.

My Mum”s side of the family were in some respects easier to trace.  How much easier it is to trace individuals living in small country towns and villages, where someone with the correct surname is either who you are looking for, or a relative.

The Adams family, as far back as I can trace them around 1745, came from Forgue in Aberdeenshire, which is near to Huntly.  The Adams from Forgue were stone masons, but from Alexander Adam in 1801 all this line were blacksmiths until my own grandfather, who was a marine engineer.  Alexander Adams” family moved to Clatterha” just outside Oathlaw in Angus, positioned then as now strategically at the side of the main road (now the M9).  Three generations of Adams lived at Clatterha” with the records specifically recording that they were master blacksmiths, employing men.  I suppose that a blacksmith was of good standing in the community and in such a small place the family must have been well known and presumably highly thought of.  I don”t know why Alexander Adam (1870) moved from Clatterha”.  He was the eldest son and as such I would have expected him to inherit the family business, he was certainly a blacksmith.  Maybe there was not the work there had been as the trend around the turn of the century was to move into the cities.  Maybe he simply wanted to travel.  Either way he moved Newcastle way where he married Agnes Ann Tindle.  Either reason may have prompted him to volunteer for a stint in the Boer War before the family then moved eventually to Tillicoultry, not far from Stirling, where he continued as a blacksmith and farrier.

The Tindles seem to come from Durham / Newcastle way, but have hopped back and forth across the border.  The derivation of the surname Tindale is interestingly as from Tynedale, exactly that neck of the woods, and the family was in the large part shepherds.  Surnames are the interesting part of this side of the family.  James Tindle (~1790) married Weightman Fish, and their son Andrew Tindle (1815) married Christian Pow.  The name Pow means ditch in Scots; but I have no idea of the derivation of Fish!  The Pows were from the Borders, around Coldstream.

The remaining two branches of the family, Malcolm and Barbour, are both from west of Glasgow, from Paisley out to Ayr.  Professions are carters, weavers, ploughmen, farmers and roadworkers, with obviously a range of wealth and status.  The McCutcheon line of the Barbour side reveals another coincidence in the family as they originate from Craigie in Ayrshire, as does the Drummond line of my Dad”s side of the family, and Craigie is not a large place!

1900 -- 2000

Moving into my grandparent”s generation involves people whom I knew.  With the exception of my paternal grandfather, I knew all my grandparents and of course know more of them from my parents.

My paternal grandfather never had good health.  He died at the age of 59, and left my grandmother a widow for a long time before her eventual death.  Despite this my Grandma was a cheerful woman, who worked into her late sixties, travelled abroad, and was always very much involved with her family.  She seemed to have limitless energy and good health, and it seemed particularly unfair when she had a stroke in later life, and spent many years in hospital, very incapacitated.  She found this stroke very difficult to cope with, and at times was quite depressed, but nonetheless was able to laugh with us at many small misfortunes.  She was lucky in that with three children with partners, and a total of 9 grandchildren, very rarely even a day passed without a visitor, as the family had a rota for visiting.  I would say that she reaped the reward of a supportive family which was the result of her influence throughout the years.  We held family gatherings four times a year when she was alive, once at her house, and then at each of her three children”s houses.  All my cousins and aunts and uncles would come if they could possibly manage it, and I grew up knowing my cousins well.  My great aunts Ria and Agnes would also come to the family gathering at my Grandma”s house at the beginning of January, where we often had whist drives, at which my great aunts” talents were legend.  These parties were a bit of a nightmare for anybody that myself or my cousins were dating at the time, as they had not only to face all these relatives that they didn”t know, but had to join in the various games that were organised, and be able to stand up for themselves in the face of much good natured leg pulling that went on.  To be able to survive in the Murdoch family, you had to learn how to laugh at yourself.

I think this tradition of family parties was inherited by my Grandma from her own childhood, as my Dad says that the Thomson house was often the scene of dancing and hilarity.  Sarah Matson, my great grandmother, seems to have been a bit of a character, who quite happily arranged jobs for each of her children as they came of age.

My Dad and his two elder sisters, my Aunt Sheila and Aunt Margaret, lived through the second World War as children, (being evacuated to Prestwick for a while) and they had plenty stories to tell, mostly about how tough life was then compared to our lives!  The commonest stories we heard from my Dad were about how cold it was, how he had to get up early and deliver milk, and of course the standing joke in the family about his box full of certificates (for music), which continued to be scoffed at until he did in the end produce it and called our bluff.  My Dad is very musical, and as a child had entered in all the music festivals, always doing well and coming away with a further certificate for the box.  My Grandma swore that my Dad could play the violin from the moment he picked it up, which seems unlikely, but he is certainly very good, and could have made a career in music.  However, he didn”t fancy the life of a professional musician, and having taught music for a while decided he couldn”t bear the lack of talent or enthusiasm in his pupils, and after National Service became a Quantity Surveyor instead, keeping his musical talents for the Glasgow Chamber Orchestra and many other groups of which he is a member.

My two aunts were quite different in personality and interests.  My Aunt Sheila, the elder of the two, was unconventional, great fun, and a bit bossy, perhaps as a result of the fact that she was a schoolteacher, or because she was the eldest.  She taught music, and her husband, my Uncle Ian, taught woodwork.  She had a wonderfully infectious laugh which left us in fits at many of the family parties.  She sadly died of cancer at far too early an age.  My Aunt Margaret is quieter, but still with a sense of fun.  Her time was taken up with the four boys that she had, and she always took an interest in myself and my cousin Linda, as the only two girls in the families.  I have always felt that we were similar in disposition and interests -- she has the same love of books that I have.

My Dad appears a serious man on meeting him, but he has a silly sense of humour at times.  He can be a stubborn man (like most of the Murdochs).  Apart from his interest in music, which these days includes making violins, he enjoys golf and gardening.  He is not a man to sit still, unlike my Mum, who is happy to sit with a book or a newspaper.  She also is fond of music, and for many years sang in a local choir.  She shares my Dad”s interests also in gardening and golfing.  Mum is someone whom people find easy to talk to, although she could be daunting if anyone had done something wrong.  She worked as a Pharmacist until just recently.  She and my Dad have a very happy marriage, and as parents they were loving, sensible and supportive.

My maternal grandmother also had to be able to cope on her own, but for a different reason.  My Papa was a Marine Engineer in the Royal Navy, and as a consequence was away from home for periods.    My Granny, who left school at an early age, had to run the household when he was away and bring up my Mum and my Uncle Kenneth.  She was a kind and sensible woman.  I remember at her funeral the minister chose the text, “Show me a virtuous woman, for her price is above rubies” and this seemed eminently suitable.  She was the only one of my grandparents who lived long enough for me to have an adult relationship with, which was fun.  With the benefit of being one generation removed she was often more easy going than my Mum.  My Granny was one of two sisters left of a family of four originally.  Her brother Alex died of leukemia at 11, and her sister, Helen, or Nellie, of a cardiac problem at 15.  Not unnaturally, her mother, Janet Barbour, was rather protective.  Her father, Alexander Malcolm, also didn”t keep well, and died of pernicious anaemia, a condition today that is easily treated.  My great aunt Betty was a stubborn but kind woman with a truly wicked sense of humour, and she and my Granny were always close, continuing to visit each other regularly until my Granny”s death.  These two had many friends as young women, particularly through a sewing bee that they were part of, and the whole crowd seemed to have a great time and get up to all sorts of mischief together.

My Papa was a quiet and deliberate man.  My brother Alistair takes after him both in looks and mannerisms.  If you asked Papa a question, you waited a while for the answer.  He was a practical man who liked tinkering with things around the house and the garden.  As his only granddaughter he spoiled me a little and at that age he was my favourite grandparent as a result.  He was fond of opera and was forever recording songs off the radio onto cassettes, and kept a note of the pieces he had recorded in a little book.

His mother appears to have been a character, known by all the family simply as Gran.  She was born in Swinton, in the Borders, but my Mum was sure that she had been born in Newcastle, where she was brought up, simply because Gran had said she had been, and was immensely proud of the fact too.  She lived until after my birth, and died in 1968 at the age of 97.  My great aunt Isabel lived with her and looked after her latterly.  Aunt Isobel was a spinster, who had been a nurse, and was always very deaf all the time I knew her.  Visits to Tillicoultry where she lived involved a lot of shouting.  She was always very good to me and my brother, giving us presents when we visited, which always caused embarrassment because my parents felt that she shouldn”t.  She was a strong willed woman, and there were various arguments in the Adams family at one time or another.

My brother and I are quite different in personality, but have some interests in common.  We are both interested in music, myself perhaps more so, and we are both avid readers.  We both like things historical, genealogical, archaeological and the like.  However, he got most of the brains and I got most of the common sense.  He is quiet and I am a blether.  He looks like the Adams side of the family with dark straight hair and dark eyes, and I take after the Murdoch side with curly brown hair and blue eyes.  He is married to April Meechan from Kilwinning in Ayrshire, and has a daughter Iona.  I am married to John McCormack from Dumfries.  At the moment we both live in Edinburgh, both having moved for our jobs, but he is about to move to Ayr, again with his job.  He works as a solicitor, as does April.  I am a secretary for a firm of stockbrokers and my husband is an Engineer.

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