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Image - Burns House Museum
Image - ayrshirehistory.com

The pencil drawing above is known as "THE WILSON" sketch, dating to 1803. There are also some scribbles on the original. Poosie Nansie's is on the left.

Shown on the right is the Whitefoord Arms, while in the centre up "The Coogate" is the Armour house as it was at the time of Burns.

This is well before photography, this is one of the earliest and accurate looking representations of the Armour House, Poosie Nansie's and the Whitefoord Arms. Many other artist's impressions that are given of Mauchline look to have been painted by someone that uses nothing more than imagination, and the impression is given that the artist had never even been to Mauchline.

This general area of Mauchline in the late 1700's was certainly more than familiar to Burns.

On the right is a photo taken in June 2011. The date of 1888 on the side of the extension of Poosie's refers to that part of the building only.

Left: The site of the Whitefoord Arms is the end building, housing R&R Sports and Star Kebab. The bank building is now Coral the Bookie's. On the right hand view, the same building can be seen. Maybe it would have looked better if it was a daytime shot, and R&R Sports was open for trading.



This plaque is placed on the corner of the current day building, which stands on the site of the Whitefoord Arms. The date on the present building can be seen on the sandstone at the back of the building, and is dated 1866. Whatever happened to the original building though is unknown. Fire??

As can be seen from this clear image, the plaque used to be high above street level on the chimney of the Cooperative. It is hard enough to read today at a lower level, so it must have been near impossible in days of old.

Across the road on the Parish Church, high above the front door, stands another plaque which is so high, it is almost impossible to read. I wonder if they were placed up at such a height, so as to discourage vandalism??

Right: A low res sample of slideshow 021. For a full image, see slideshow021.html.


Not so much a Plaque but a date on the building. The date can be seen at the bottom right of the roof area, see image on the right. This we can assume was when the "House was built a new" as per the Plaque. This site was the former location of the Whitefoord Arms in Burns' time.

The Whitefoord Arms site, can be seen beyond Poosie Nansie's at the far right of this image, taken in June 2011.


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