The Ancient Jougs
The ancient Jougs, hang on the wall of Sorn Church. The image on the left shows a view of the old kirk, with the jougs hanging aprox at the same height as the door handle, to the right of the door. A closer image on the right, shows a clearer view. Click on the jougs for an even closer view, or show a higher res view of the right hand image by clicking the church door area.
Below, a paragraph from the Sorn Parish chapter of Paterson's 1852 History of Ayrshire & It's Families book, see books and articles.

The Jougs were not always where they are today

From the book < Sorn Parish, It's History & Associations > by Helen Steven 1898

"Until about forty years ago the ancient jougs hung from the kirk wall. They were removed, no one knows by whom."...........................


From the Sorn Parish Magazines dated June 1912

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