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Should non commercial use be made of any material from these pages, basic copyright/ decency rules apply. ie credit should be given both to "ayrshirehistory.com" as well as the original donor.

OR to put it in plain English. Don't be ignorant enough to print out and display our images without the web address printed in small but readable text at the bottom at least, as well as the original donor. It is not difficult. We do appreciate the extra publicity!!

If this web site is used as a reference for printed projects of any kind, then please be decent enough to include this web page in the credits. There is much unique material on these pages that is simply not available elsewhere, yet that material is still being quoted / used without any credit to this web project and the years of input to it. Those that I know of who use and quote these pages should know better. I compare this arrogance to a person in a bar accepting a drink from a stranger without even having the courtesy say thank you.

I also object strongly to those who copy and paste photos from this web site into pages of their own, and put their own name to them!! One character even copied unique photos of Mauchline Boxworks a few years ago, and mailed them to a dubious Canadian/ Scottish web site, under his own name. Basic courtesy dictates that this action is not on. I have not spent years creating this archive, for unscrupulous sorts to come along and copy my work, credited to themselves. What an ego. Truth is they are simply kidding themselves!! It could be compared to me reproducing word for word John Taylor Gibb's book with my own name substituted for John Taylor Gibb's on the cover. How clever would that make me look!!!

I noticed a web site in June 2010, thesetonfamily.com which seems to have used a lot of material from this site. I am not aware of anyone from that site contacting me in advance. Not only have these characters not given credit to ayrshirehistory.com, but they have even written a copyright statement below some of the ayrshirehistory.com material. This is hardly fair on the original doners, and is also making a mockery of the work that has went into ayrshirehistory.com over the years. I wonder if they go into their local supermarket and help themselves???

I have however no problems with use of the material so long as due credit is given. As I said above, it is not difficult to do. The images are reproduced here so that they are never lost, and will always be available in the public domain. This always was the idea behind ayrshirehistory.com. The photos are for all to enjoy and share. But there are ways of sharing!!


This site may be freely linked to but not duplicated in any fashion. By linking to this site, you must link direct to ayrshirehistory.com web pages, and not to images only. You are entitled to use this product for your own use, but may not copy, reproduce, translate, display, or reduce to any electronic medium or machine readable form, nor sell or lease the product to others without prior written permission of ayrshirehistory.com ...............................

Kenny Baird,